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Wealth-Sync Hypnosis

How I Can Plant a Life-Changing "Seed" in Your Mind Without You Thinking Twice About It...Making You Wealthy Beyond Your Wildest Dreams GUARANTEED or I'll Give You My Secret Mind-Altering Process System for FREE!


Dear Future Millionaire,

Here's what I've noticed: you can work your ass off to try to be successful and yet sometimes nothing happens!  In fact, sometimes you end up in a violent, frustrating, and uncontrollable REVERSE SPIRAL where you end up even MORE unsuccessful and broke than when you started.

Have you noticed this happening in your own life?

I'll bet you have and you are wondering what the problem is.

Here it is:  YOU ARE BLOCKED!

Each one of us has a unique set of brain pathway that are set.  These crevices that run through the surface of our brain are ingrained in from the time we are in the womb through to today.

And our brain paths are different in varying degrees depending on our personal life experiences!

Even worse, some of these paths are so off base that it forces us to repeat the same limiting actions, thoughts, and processes in our lives automatically without even thinking about it.  In the meantime, the paths that we SHOULD have open are either blocked, non-existent, or not deep enough to overcome the effects of the other paths that dominate our lives.

If You Do NOT Create New Brain Pathways, You Will NOT Be Successful in Anything...PERIOD!

Seem kind of harsh?  It's the truth and I know you depend on me to tell it like it is, right?

As we get older, the chances of creating new paths without a tremendous amount of work is futile and many people never pull it off.

Which is why they continue being unsuccessful, broke, lazy, and unproductive people the older they get.

Each day that passes represents slipping further away from truly changing your life on all levels.  If you don't plan on taking extreme measures to change some of the interworkings of your brain right now then all of your other efforts to become wealthy or successful will be COMPLETELY WORTHLESS!

In fact, you will become more and more frustrated with your life as you dream bigger, set larger goals, and find yourself missing the mark every time.  Then you'll be beating yourself up, damaging your own self-esteem, and never have hopes in a million years in getting wealthy.

I'm not telling you this because I'm psyching you out or anything.  I'm telling you this because I've gone through the same thing myself and I work with students everyday where they have the same hindering obstacles that they will not be able to overcome without the right "treatment."

What "treatment" do you need?

Is it something that requires hours and hours of meditation and positive thinking affirmations or sitting in a bonfire of incense while praying to the heavens above?  Will it require having the top part of your skull removed so a surgeon can dig the right brainwave pathways into your head?

Not hardly!

Let me tell you just how easy changing EVERYTHING will be for you!

A Unique Way to Change Your Brain While Doing...NOTHING!

I'm not a big fan of hypnosis.  In fact, I'm not a fan of hypnosis at all.  Traditional hypnosis works only some of the time and for only some patients.  For most people, hypnosis doesn't work because most people aren't open to it or they have too many "walls" built up that they cannot receive the hypnotic suggestions properly.

I'm such a hard head that hypnosis in the traditional sense has NEVER worked for me.  NEVER!  I've even tried "out of the box" stuff like past life regressions and never saw anything.  I was expecting to see myself riding bareback on a white horse throwing a spear into a buffalo or something...but no such luck.

Anyone who is a strong personality -- probably like you are -- and has a drive for success doesn't really have the ability to absorb mental suggestions in without putting up a fight.  If you are as driven as I am with the burning hot desire for success smoldering in the pit of your stomach then traditional hypnosis is too "pansy" to ever work for you.

You need something stronger.  You need the speed equivalent to caffeine.  You need the Lotus equivalent to a Hyundai.

You need something so powerful that it can blast through ALL obstacles that are holding up in your brainwave patterns!

You need my new Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System to completely reprogram your wealth consciousness INSTANTLY!

Guinea Pig Case #1:  Stephanie G.

Stephanie is a single mother who was trapped in a low-paying job, living with her mother, and didn't have enough skill or push to make anything more of her life.  She wanted to be wealthy and successful but she didn't have the means or experience.  It would have seemed that Steph was permanently trapped until the day she worked herself into an early grave.

Steph has been a student of mine for a little over a year.  We have been conversing back and forth via email.  She had several real estate deals "cooking" and even had 2 really good ones under contract.  Then, at the last possible second, the deals would fall apart for strange and uncontrollable reasons.

She was getting more and more frustrated with the process, blamed everyone else for what was happening, and actually threw in the towel on her real estate investing business.

I was looking for a few candidates to try my new Wealth-Sync program on and I chose Stephanie first.  I had her listen to my audio CDs (that she downloaded into her iPod).  She carefully followed my precise instructions by listening to both CDs daily (day and evening versions) and did this for 8 solid weeks.

I told her to keep a log of her progress as the weeks went on.  Here are some notes from each week as she provided from her log:

  • Week 1:  Feeling different and kind of tingly as if expecting something big to happen.
  • Week 2:  Very upbeat and positive this week, no one can get me down even though some people have tried.  This is amazing.
  • Week 3:  Got a scratcher ticket and won $500!  I'm shocked because I never win anything.
  • Week 4:  I get this brain massaging feeling in my head almost like a rush.  I'm excited about life now.
  • Week 5:  I was promoted to an assistant management position and almost doubled my current pay.  This isn't what I want to do but it's a step in the right direction.  I'm surprised since I've been passed over for promotions for the past 6 years.
  • Week 6:  A deal I was working on went back into contract.  The sellers suddenly like the original deal.  Strange because they didn't want to sell to me 2 months ago, they contacted me out of the blue.  I realize I can afford to live on my own, looking for a new home.
  • Week 7:  A co-worker of mine wants me to be part of his online business he is starting.  Don't know anything about business but he says he likes my energy and thinks I would be an asset to his new venture.
  • Week 8:  I feel phenomenal!  I'm happy all the time.  My real estate deal is progressing along.  The sellers are considering selling another property; it's 10 units.  They own it free and clear.  They said they get a good vibe from me and want to do a no-money-down deal on that building with me.

After the 8 weeks, Steph reported that she closed escrow on 2 buildings that give her a monthly cash flow of $3,120 per month and she is participating in the business venture with her co-worker.  She still has her job and they were considering promoting her as a district manager.  She decided to live in one of her apartment buildings she purchased instead of getting a home elsewhere.

I asked Stephanie if she could describe the program in a few words including if she would recommend it to others.  Here's what she said in an email to me:

"Monica, yes I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their thought processes in order to remove brain blocks that they don't have control over getting rid of.  I would never have believed the power of this type of program until I tried it myself because I am skeptical of everything but you convinced me that it would work and I trust you.  Anyone who has doubts about this maybe isn't ready for change or maybe tried other things that didn't work.  I had nothing to lose since I felt I was at the bottom anyway so I tried it with my mind open and ready for the change.  I know this can work for anyone who wants to see big changes in their life.  Thank you for the chance.  S"

Now, my other students weren't as "studious" as Stephanie.  My other 2 case studies didn't do the 8-week log.  They just followed the program by listening to the CDs twice a day; one had an open mind and the other was a complete skeptic from hell.

Guinea Pig Case #2 - Ahmed S.

Ahmed is a young man of only 19 and found himself in a frustrating situation where his parents had him under their thumbs.  They demanded that he go to college to become a doctor and he wanted everything but going to medical school.  He wanted to be an investor.

His issue is that his parents paid his way through life as long as he went to medical school.  He wanted to drop out but that meant being cut off financially then kicked out of the house.  And he wasn't ready for that.

Instead he schlepped through medical school while secretly studying information about becoming a real estate entrepreneur.  He started as a student of mine about 8 months ago but found that he didn't have the confidence, experience, and nerve to deal with real estate brokers, sellers, and other professionals because of his age.

I let him witness the power of the Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System by giving him simple instructions on what to do.  All he had to do was listen to my day and night audio tracks each day without fail and without excuses.  He did this for 8 weeks.

Within the 8 week time frame he went from being a scared wallflower who couldn't pick up the phone to talk to a broker if his life depended on it to a full-time successful real estate investor. 

The change in his mindset allowed him the ability to get out there, get deals done, and get 3 properties under contract.  One closed before the 8 weeks ended.  The other 2 closed within 3 weeks thereafter.

Total monthly cash flow:  $4,685

And without a dime to work with nior enough credit because of his age.

I asked him to type out a short testimonial to me on his success.  Here is what he said:

"I feel like a bird that was allowed to fly out of an open box but didn't know the lid was open.  My circumstances were what seemed to be an impossible situation where I had to live my life on my parents terms.  You gave me the ability to see the opportunity within myself, spread my wings, and attain wonderful things.  I am grateful of your introduction to the audios and I will continue listening to them.  I will also keep you posted on my progress because I know I'm barely at the tip of the iceburg.  Best, Ahmed."

And then there is my problem child who is skeptical of everything, believes in nothing, and someone who I should have never considered for the Wealth-Sync program.  But I did anyway because I love a challenge.

His name is Sam.

Guinea Pig Case #3 - Sam D.

My biggest issue with Sam is that not only does he NOT believe in this "airy-fairy" stuff (as he eloquently put it) but I gathered that he's stuck in some kind of old-fashioned time warp where women should be seen (cooking and cleaning) and not heard.

He doesn't believe a damn thing I have to say about anything.  After all, for his generation and being from the south, women aren't typically in business unless it's the business of catering to their spouses while being barefoot and pregnant nonstop!

So, as you can tell...I hated Sam from Day One.

But I could tell one thing about Sam.  He wanted to try the program without being obvious about "wanting" something from a business woman or without coming off that he was interested in doing it.

To make it easy on him, I sent him the MP3 files and then told him to take it or leave it.

And he left it...

Or so I thought!

I didn't hear from Sam for more than 3 months and I chalked him off as a complete loss.  I didn't need him anyway.  I had my other 2 success stories and that was enough for me.

Out of the blue Sam emailed me and had some pretty interesting things to report about the Wealth-Sync program that even blew me away!

This is his email to me:


You are probably wondering what happened to me.  I know we didn't get off to a good start and I am sorry about how I introduced myself this last summer.  I'm an [CENSORED] sometimes, I know.  I was raised in an abusive home where my mom was beat everyday by my dad and I was taught not to respect women at all.  My second wife died of cancer 2 years ago and I was bitter.  I was diagnosed with having colon cancer 8 months ago and I didn't see the point in being nice anymore because I was so miserable.

You sent the audio files to me and I started listening to them after 3 weeks and I noticed a few changes here and there.  It was nothing big or anything.  What I noticed right away was that I felt different.  I wasn't as mean or bitter.  I was getting up in the morning looking forward to the day when before I didn't want to face anything.  I started getting excited for life.

By a month in I met someone.  She is a nice person and we began dating.  She makes me happy and I can see spending the rest of my life with her.

My son Scott who I haven't talked to in more than 4 years called me on the phone and said he wanted to reconcile.  He told me that I sounded different and more positive.  He wanted me to meet my new grandchild.  I welled up a couple of tears when I talked to him after him not being a part of my life for so long.

With business I realized that I wanted to get back into my shop.  I like cutting things out of wood.  I dusted off my old saw in the garage and experimented on a few things.  A neighbor came by and mentioned that his daughter was a buyer for a large furniture store.  He asked if he could have some of my pieces because he said they buy different table art pieces to sell with their furniture.  I gave him what I was messing around with.  About 2 weeks later his daugher called me on the phone and asked how many I could make and how fast.  The amount of these pieces they want will make a small fortune for me over the next couple of years and I like making them.

A lot has changed from the unhappy, rude man you spoke to 3 months ago.  I feel like a new man.  I feel 30 years younger.  I don't know if I've ever felt this alive before.

Accept my apology for not being nice.  You are the real deal and thank you for giving me my life back.

Sam Dixon"

Okay, that email brought tears to my own eyes after reading it!

What Wealth-Sync Can Do to Change Your Life in 8 Weeks!

This is a unique hypnosis-type program that you listen to twice a day.  The suggestions seep into your brainwaves and instantly starts making changes where you are otherwise blocked or incapacitated.

The worst thing is that many of us don't know where we are blocked and even if we did, would you know how to "unblock" yourself by yourself?  Probably not!

Wealth-Sync targets the wealth center of your mind by injecting the right suggestions that your brain will begin believing, eating up, and then beginning to take action on.

And right away!

You don't have to wait months or years for change.  The change HAPPENS NOW!

As long as you stick with listening to the audio tracks provided as per the instructions, the Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System WILL WORK for you!  GUARANTEED!

Or your money back!

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

That's right! 

If you follow the instructions and religiously go through the audio provided and don't see results then return the complete package within 60 days and receive a full refund.  You can keep the MP3s you download onto your MP3 player or iPod forever if you wish, giving you the Wealth-Sync tracks FREE of charge!

This gives you time to try the 8-week system, take it for a test run, and see what it can do to change your life.

If you don't at least try it, you are MISSING OUT -- BIG TIME!


...Getting wealthy as quickly as possible.

...Finding your true love in a few weeks.

...Feeling that zest and excitement for life that's been missing for as long as you can remember.

...Being "lucky" with everything as the waters part for you in your life!

All this AND MORE can happen for your life with the Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System.

The Complete 8-Week Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System

Here's what you'll get in the system:

  • Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System: Day and Night Audio Tracks
  • Audio Seminar:  Make Wealth-Sync Work for You in 8 Weeks or Less
  • Goalerator Software:  Special Software Program to Direct Your Mind to Your Exact Goals
  • Wealth-Sync Workbook:  Write It Down, Make It Happen; Guide to Help You Through the 8 Week Program
  • Power of the Mind:  Mind Manual to Guide You Through Navigating Your Brain to Get You What You Want!

All for a low price of $497 $397 and will be shipped to you ASAP!

Everybody sets New Year's Resolutions and yet nothing seems to ever come out of them.  Make this year different.  Instead of writing down a bunch of goals that never happen, change your brain and change your life for good!

Revamp your brain and see your life change at the speed of light!  GUARANTEED!

Do you really want to risk passing on this offer and then be left to wonder how much your life could have changed because of Wealth-Sync?

I didn't think so!

Choose an option below and we'll be shipping the system out to you ASAP!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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