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Real Estate Proposal Pro

Raise Millions of Dollars in Real Estate Funds for Your Property Deals within MINUTES!

Real Estate Proposal Pro Software:  The ONLY Software on the Market that Can Virtually Write Your Real Estate Property Business Plans for You!

Write Cutting-Edge Proposals to Instantly Raise PRIVATE FUNDS, ANGEL INVESTOR FUNDS, and Get EQUITY PARTNERS for ALL of Your Property Deals!

Dear Real Estate Investor,

Let's face it; the real estate market has changed in a major way in the past 2 years, especially with commercial and residential-commercial properties.  The biggest changes revolve around how banks and lending institutions are lending funds for real estate deals.  Their criteria has gotten much more strict and in some states like Florida, the maximum lending LTVs have dropped to 65%.  This means that you have to come up with a 35% cash down payment to purchase a Florida investment property.  And who wants to do that?  Even seasoned investors don't want to leverage their money that way!


The Best Way to Get Funds for Real Estate Deals is Through Private Money Sources

If you want to cut through the bank red tape and get 100% cash for your real estate transactions, you need to get an equity partner, private funding source, or angel investor for your deal.  This is the only way you can raise funds for your property deals without having to deal with the strict and sometimes impossible lending criteria that many lenders are now locking into place.

If you are trying to get into this business with no cash and no credit, you WILL need to find an equity partner or angel investor.

And the only way to raise those types of funds is to be able to write a solid real estate proposal that is so strong and tantalizing that the investor will be salivating at the mouth!

My newest Real Estate Proposal Pro software is the ONLY software on the market that can assist you in writing a complete and thorough real estate business plan/proposal specifically for property deals.  If you want to struggle through a complicated business plan software that is mainly for outlining a new business from scratch, you will find yourself frustrated with the process.



Use a Unique, Special "Wizard" Desktop Software Program that Can Take You By the Hand, Step-by-Step, in Writing a Complete Real Estate Property Proposal to Raise Money Virtually Overnight!

My tech guy in my office, Rafael, just completed an awesome real estate proposal software program that is a "wizard" application.  This means that the software brings you through each screen one-by-one and even gives you suggestions on what to write in your perfect real estate business plan/proposal.

This is extremely important because it allows you to write a tight, well-written, and tantalizing proposal that any investor would be crazy to pass up!

Here's the problem with trying to use a regular "one-size-fits-all" business plan software for real estate proposals: a business plan software is built for the "overall view" of your new prospective business.  A real estate investor doesn't want to show his or her prospective "overall" real estate investing business.  In order to quickly raise money for a property deal, you should ONLY be talking about the real estate property you are raising funds for.  You should NOT be discussing anything about your overall real estate investing plans for the next 5 years of your life because...well...


Sorry to be blunt but this is EXACTLY what real estate investors are thinking.  They don't want to weed through a 50-page business plan talking about your lofty and grandiose plans of how you want to be a real estate investor.  They don't want to see "sales projections" for your overall real estate investment business.


No other software on the market supports the demand for real estate investors who want to put together a solid streamlined business plan/proposal to sell prospective investors on.

And no investor or investment group that I know or work with wants to painstakingly read a 50-page business plan about your overall real estate investing business.

In fact, no investor that I know wants to read 50 pages of ANYTHING!


Create a Property-Specific Streamlined Property Plan/Proposal in a "Mini" Business Plan Format to Immediately Show Your Investor or Equity Partner All About the Property Including What THEY Will Stand to Make WITHOUT Boring Them to Death!

If you were lucky enough to get a meeting with Donald Trump and you could present information about your property deal that you wanted him to invest in, what would you say? 

Would you bore him to death on a million and one details about your overall plans on real estate investing?  Would you whip out a 30-page print out showing solid numbers of how the property performed over the past 5 years and how the property may perform in the next 10 years?

What would you do?  What would you say?  How would you keep him interested in your "pitch" without him hitting his secret door hatch button under his desk?

Investors are busy people.  You either have the ability to grab them by the throat and suck them into your pitch so hard that they would kill you on site if you dared to leave without giving them an opportunity to invest in the deal...or you don't!

Most people don't!  Most people bore investors to death with too many details, too many irrelevant numbers, and waste-of-time chit-chat.

No investor will have any patience or interest in your deal if you can't offer a convincing set of reasons as to why they should invest in your deal.

My Real Estate Proposal Pro Software will assist you in putting together the perfect real estate proposal package to include just the right amount of information...not too much, not too little...just the perfect balance.

Your investor will be crazy not to grab your opportunity.  And if one investor doesn't take it right away, the next one in line definitely will!


Banks, Lenders, Private Money Sources, and Equity Partners REQUIRE a Real Estate Business Plan/Proposal...Otherwise You WON'T GET FUNDING for Your Real Estate Deal!

There is NOTHING LIKE THIS on the market anywhere.  Banks and lenders are requiring to see a real estate proposal plan to include management and exit strategy information.  If you don't want to be frustrated with a boilerplate business plan software that is NOT for the purposes of highlighting a single property deal then you need the Real Estate Proposal Pro 1.0 Software

This desktop wizard software will take you step by step to include:

  • "Lead-in" on why commercial investing is the best investment vehicle
  • Your management or business experience (and if you don't have any then you can use our pre-filled template to highlight other positive strategies about your business plans)
  • Demographics information on why your selected city/state is the best area to invest
  • Property description
  • Current cash flow numbers (if any; this is NA for 0% occupied bank-owned foreclosures)
  • Proforma or future cash flow numbers
  • Management plan
  • Exit strategy
  • Investment proposal if using an equity partnership
  • Investor's ROI
  • Executive summary

All of the above elements are NOW REQUIRED if you want to raise funding for real estate deals.  If you don't have a business plan that includes all of the above, you will not be able to raise the money for your deals.

If you are trying to pound your real estate deal into a boilerplate business plan software where you are using their "mission statement" and "objectives" pages, you will look unprofessional, unprepared, and "green" in the sophisticated world of commercial real estate investing.

And, right now, you simply can't afford to look like a fool.  Fools don't raise funds.  Professional and seasoned investors do.

Get my newly released Real Estate Proposal Pro 1.0 Software.  This is a WINDOWS-based software.  It will work on the Windows operating system (XP, Vista, and 7) but NOT for Mac.

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Real Estate Proposal Pro 1.0 allows the real estate investor to create property-specific business plans and proposals.  There is no other real estate business plan software on the market to assist the serious investor in developing the right business plan to attract private money or to submit to a lender for final loan approval.  This is the only software available for investors to provide such an outstanding and vital component to angel investors and banks; all entities that are requiring real estate proposals for the investor seeking funds for property deals.

No refunds on opened software products.  Defective software CD-ROMs will be replaced.  This software is for WINDOWS ONLY!

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