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Did You Know That If You're Not Keeping Your Deals Organized By Having a Precise Follow Up System In Place, You'll FAIL As a Real Estate Investor?

Since This Business is a Numbers Game...Your Success Relies 100% on Keeping Your Deals Organized and Following Up Consistently!

Dear Investor,

In order to be successful in this business, it's REQUIRED that you are working on a lot of deals at once.  You shouldn't be only working on 1 or 2 deals at a time if you ever hope to be successful in this business.

On average I'm working on anywhere from 25 - 35 deals at a time for my own personal investing and 150 - 200 deals through my bird-dog and partnership transactions.

And that's a lot of deals to keep track of.

In fact, my most successful students are usually working on anywhere from 15 - 25 deals at a time.  This means they are gathering numbers and other critical information, creating CFEs, writing out offers, following up with sellers and agents...and sometimes going back to a deal 3 - 6 months later when a seller may be unreasonable or inflexible right now.

And that takes precise organization, especially when you initially start out with 15 - 25 serious deals which quickly double and triple over the course of 8 - 12 weeks.

If You Don't Stay Organized As a Real Estate Investor...You're DEAD!

I talk to so many students who violate the basic rules of real estate investing.  They NEVER FOLLOW UP!  They tell me about how they submitted an offer.

But they never heard anything!

My first question is always..."What did the seller (or agent) say when you called to check on whether they got your offer or not?"

Response:  "Oh, I was supposed to call somebody?"

Uh...yeah!  You were!

You have to have a follow up schedule.  You call (or email) the listing agent (or seller) within the first 24 hours after you submit your offer to make sure they received it.  Provided that you give them 7 days to respond to your offer, you would then follow up again the morning of the day that the offer expires.

Then, if there are some deals you are working on where you are waiting for information, you need to keep track of those.

And...what about the deals where you submitted an offer and the seller was inflexible on the price or terms but you vowed to submit another offer in 3 or 6 months if the property hadn't sold by then?

And when you have 20+ deals going on while collecting more deals as the months roll on, how the hell do you think you can keep all this organized by printing each deal out with the CFE and the LOI/offer you submitted, then putting it into a notebook with jumbled up barely readable notes and scribble on them??

Answer:  You can't.  Pure and simple!

The 'Hot Off the Press' Real Estate Organizer Software is REQUIRED for the Serious Investor Working on Multiple Deals in Different Phases!

It will be impossible to have all of your deals in an organized fashion without software.  It would be different if you submitted 10 new offers every Monday morning and they all precisely expired out the following Monday at 5 PM and you started over with a new set of 10 deals.

But it's never that simple.

You see, out of those first 10 deals you do, maybe 4 will get an immediate response from the listing agent.  Perhaps 2 will be accepted within the week.  The other 4 may go without a response at if the listing agent fell off the face of the earth.

Then that first Monday deadline shows up.  You're still trying to get a response from those 4 missing real estate agents.  Maybe 1 of the 2 deals that were accepted aren't able to work a partial owner financing deal as you expected because they don't have enough equity.  Maybe 3 of the 4 immediate responses you received initially from the listing agents on the deals are dead in the water because those agents also fell into a coma while 1 is fully cooperating but the seller is firm on the asking price.

Now the next Monday comes up and you have another new slew of 10 deals that are going out.  In the meantime, what about the first set of 10 deals?  How are you organizing all the comments, information, and feedback you are getting in?

So, your second set of 10 deals are submitted in that Monday morning.  You are still getting feedback and following up on the first 10 deals.  You are now getting feedback on the second set of 10 deals including having to pound the pavement to get responses from lackluster comatosed real estate listing agents who essentially cherry pick their deals.

And all this feedback, follow up, and information has to be organized so that you know your next move on every property.

And if you have these first 2 weeks of 20 deals in a notebook, now what?  Because it's now Monday morning again and you are submitting ANOTHER 10 DEALS while STILL getting feedback, information, and following up with agents on the first 20 deals.

Within your first month as a serious real estate investor, you'll be up a creek without a paddle if you didn't start from the get-go by properly organizing EVERY DETAIL of your serious property deals!

How Easy Would It Be for a Software to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO Each Step of the Way During EVERY Serious Property Deal You Are Working On?

Within your first month, you may have up to 40 offers submitted on serious property deals.  This means you would have followed up with the listing agents on these deals 80 times!  Can you keep track of that with a notebook and a pen?

Definitely not!

Do you want to risk losing valuable information or insight on a multi-million dollar property because you scribbled a note that you now, several weeks later, have no idea what the hell it means?

Even worse, your note blew away in the wind because it was on a Post-It and a breeze blew it away while you were feeding birds in the park?

  • Imagine having hundreds of deals going on while a software program tells you EXACTLY when to follow up and WITH WHO to follow up with...and what to say.
  • Imagine having the ability to keep track of hundreds of property deals at the click of a button without losing any valuable notes, data, or information.
  • Imagine being able to see the complete run-down of all the information, notes, and follow-up in a mini report for any of your properties instantly.

Input any type of data for any property deal with a simple wizard step-by-step platform which takes only a few minutes for each property deal.

This is for Windows users ONLY.  (Windows XP and higher required.)  No Mac.  (Sorry!)

Set It and Forget It!

Many times as an investor you will come across deals where a seller is firm on the asking price.  And 95% of the time the seller gets VERY FLEXIBLE in 6 months after your initial offer when NO ONE ELSE submitted an offer since...and the property is still listed!

All you have to do is set the software to remind you on a certain day/time to either follow up with the listing agent (or seller) or submit another fresh new offer on a specified date.

Many of us seasoned real estate investors have hundreds of deals we want to "save for later" and it gets very sticky trying to keep track of everything without the proper tools in place...on top of our current deals we're working on that we're putting weekly offers on.

Quite honestly, I didn't have a proper follow-up software until my software guy developed this for me about a month ago.  Before I was using this clumsy expensive $300 software program that wasn't for real estate investors at all and it didn't work very efficiently for what I was doing.

When I started using my Real Estate Organizer software, I was blown away at how simple and efficient it is.  You see, I can't do complicated.  I'm too busy to read through manuals of information on how to operate a software program.  All I do is insert a disc and I better be able to bumble my way through it or I can't work the software.  Period.

This software is easy, effective, and I was able to figure it all out inside of 5 minutes.  I like how organized all of my deals are.  It's like having a complete electronic "Rolodex" of my deals at the click of my mouse.

I love it!

Now it's your turn to take a crack at it!

Newly released, my Real Estate Organizer software!

Who should get this?  Those of you who are or plan on being SERIOUS real estate investors putting in several offers a week on your deals.  This is NOT for the tire-kicker real estate investor who plans on putting in 1 offer a month on a property with no intention or desire on doing anything else with the deal.

This Software is for Windows OnlyIt is NOT Mac Compatible!

Real Estate Organizer Software ONLY!

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Allows you to quickly organize all of your property deals in the works including giving you reminders for follow up.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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There are NO REFUNDS on ANY software product.  Defective CDs will be promptly replaced.  This is a Windows product ONLY and does NOT work on Mac.

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