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Real Estate Cash Flow System 


Yes, you can make a real estate fortune by using a very simple system that requires NO credit, NO experience, NO money down, NO hard work, and NO special city or state to do it in.  Sorry to say but if you bought into Carleton Sheets, Robert Allen, Tommy Vu, Dave del Dotto, and any (or all) of the others, you were RIPPED OFF.  Why?  Because their systems require good credit, money for a down payment, experience in real estate, hard work, and their system only works in certain cities or states.  My system works anywhere...and the best part is, you DON'T NEED YOUR OWN CREDIT or ANY MONEY DOWN!

The ONLY Guaranteed REAL ESTATE System That Can Show You How to Make$25,000 a Month in Real Estate Within 30 Days with NO MONEY and NO CREDIT!

Sound Impossible?  Not if you have the right techniques, money resources, and information!  None of those Real Estate "Gurus" ever told you how to really acquire millions in real estate, how to have a cash flow of $25,000 a month, and how you can buy/sell real estate ANYWHERE in the country without a DIME of your own money and with the WORST CREDIT in history!  And NOW is the best time to invest in real estate!

The dream of becoming a Real Estate Millionaire is VERY REAL...Let me show you how!

Dear Future Real Estate Tycoon,

          How are you?  My name is Monica Main and I'm a self-confessed business opportunity junkie.  Do you want to know the kinds of things I've bought into over the years?

Don Lapre, Carleton Sheets, Dave del Dotto, Tommy Vu, Ron Legrand, Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Paul, Dan Kennedy, and that 30-Minute Money-Making guy...whatever his name is.  And that's naming just a few!

          Did any of it work?  Yes and no.  I did okay with Don Lapre's stuff, believe it or not.  Jeff Paul and Dan Kennedy's stuff is okay, until they flooded the market and now it's nearly impossible to make money with their stuff.  Everybody else sold COMPLETE CRAP...including (and especially) all of the real estate guys.  In fact, not one real estate "guru" offered a workable system!  I didn't have good credit because of a bankruptcy due to a nasty divorce.  I didn't have any money to put down.  And I live in southern California, a place where their "systems" could never work!  The worst part is, they don't tell you that you need good credit, money, etc. until you get their courses!  That's when you find out you were scammed!

          Yes, I wanted more than anything to make tons of money with real estate.  I knew that owning real estate was the most PROFITABLE way to make money because real estate will never go away and it will ALWAYS keep going up in value.  And every multi-millionaire on the planet owns LOTS OF REAL ESTATE!

Carleton Sheets, Dave del Dotto, and Robert Allen Are Lying to You!

          Why?  Because they don't tell you the REAL DEAL in how to make big money in real estate.  They MAY OR MAY NOT know the secrets to my system but, even if they do, they'll NEVER TELL YOU THE REAL SYSTEM TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING!  Why would they tell you when telling you won't help them get any richer in real estate?

They're in it for selling a course, seminar, then another course, another seminar, a $10,000 mentoring subscription, etc...and if they keep you believing that there's just one more secret that you need to know then they can keep selling you another seminar, course, etc...and keep getting rich off of you YEAR AFTER YEAR!  

          With all the other "gurus," you need:

  • Good credit.
  • Money for a down payment.
  • ​Homeowners that will sell at 50% of market value.  (Good luck!)
  • Live in a city and/or state where these real estate deals can work.  (And if you life in California or New York, forget it!)
  • A lender or bank who will agree to do "creative financing" deals.  (Yeah, right!)

          I swear, I'm not one to degrade someone else's system but what those "gurus" are doing ISN'T FAIR!  They are selling you a system that THEY KNOW CAN'T WORK!  They make their money from SELLING COURSES, SEMINARS, and MENTORING, NOT FROM INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE!

          So there you are with a pile of real estate courses in your closet, all collecting dust, and you're left thinking that there is no way the "little guy" can get rich in real estate.  AND YOU'RE WRONG!

          So who the hell am I?  What makes me different than all the "gurus"?

          First, I'm NO guru and I won't pretend to be.  I'm just like a good friend that's about to pass on an incredible secret system that has worked EXTREMELY WELL for me and I know it will work for you too if you follow the simple steps.

          Second, I'm NOT here to make money on selling this course (but it's not free, so don't ask) and if you look at the price you'll wonder how I can even cover my overhead.  In fact, with the price as low as it is I'll only BREAK EVEN on this project so financially it isn't even worth it to me.

          Then why am I doing this?  No, I'm not a Good Samaritan and probably wouldn't pull over to help someone change a tire (unless it was a woman and a baby).  No, I'm motivated by REVENGE.  I've been taken and ripped off by real estate "guru" after "guru" with the false hopes that there was actually a real system to make big money in real estate out there.  They all too me for thousands of dollars and I know they're sitting in their mansions laughing at all the dummies who buy their scam of a course!

Sharing this incredible system with you is MY LAST LAUGH!

          And with my system I PROMISE that there won't be a telemarketer calling you to suck you into a $5,000 seminar or $10,000 mentoring program because I'm giving you ALL OF MY SECRETS TO MAKING MILLIONS IN REAL ESTATE RIGHT UP FRONT...but there's one small catch!

Once the Secret is Out, THAT'S IT!

          A lot of people ask me about a money-back guarantee:  I can't do it!  Once my real estate investing secret is out, then it's out!  Once you read it, I can't erase the secrets you've read about and I certainly can't erase my exclusive money guy's information out of your head!  I'm only giving this system to the first 100 people then THAT'S IT!  Seriously!

          And I'm not about to send this secret system to someone who wants to make photocopies of it at their local copy shop then send it back for a refund.  If you're that type of person then don't bother continuing to read what I have to say.

          This is NOT information you will find in ANY other real estate "system."  Carleton Sheets doesn't even know about this information.  Even if he did, he wouldn't sell it to anyone because it's SO POWERFUL and SUCH A SECRET SYSTEM.  Because of this I cannot accept a return based on the information that I'm going to be sharing with you because once the secret is out then it's out.  You're either interested in a real HONEST-TO-GOD way of making a fortune in real estate.  Or you're not. Now is the time to figure that out!

          In fact, I can only accept orders in a certain way because you MUST agree to a "disclosure" stating that you CANNOT tell anyone about this system.  You can't sell it.  You can't tell your friends, family, co-workers, or associates about it.  You can't write a book about it.            You can't even tell your real estate agent about it.  This information and system is for YOUR USE ONLY.  Legal repercussions will follow if you break the contract and tell people about the system.

          This is exclusively for the first 100 people to use.  If you do not agree to the terms and conditions then your order WILL NOT be processed.  Okay, enough of all that!  Let me tell you all about how this amazing system works:

I Found a Real Workable Real Estate Cash Flow System!

          I actually do make money in real estate using the techniques that I will show you.  I would never sell an information product UNLESS I make money with it myself!  Period!  And that is the core value of my business.  If it doesn't work for me, then I DON'T SELL IT!  Second, the guy who originally told me about this system DOESN'T sell the system himself.  He WON"T because he doesn't want to FLOOD THE MARKET!  And I don't blame him.  I don't want to flood the market either which is why I am offering this to about 100 people before I completely discontinue offering this.

Before I Met This REAL LIFE Real Estate Guru, I NEVER Really Believed That the "Little Guy" Could Make a Fortune in Real Estate!

          I always knew that all those infomercial "gurus" were full of it!  I figured that there were too many other people using their techniques and they quickly flooded the market.

          I thought to be successful in real estate that BOTTOM LINE, you needed lots of money and good credit.  And he proved me wrong, REAL FAST!

          I met this guy, Jay, because I was looking to move to Clearwater, Florida years ago.  My dad gave me his direct cell number and told me that he could help me find a property.  I was hesitant because I didn't have good credit back then (because of my bankruptcy) and I didn't have a lot of money to put down.  Most of my money was tied up in my business. Jay told me that I didn't have anything to worry about.   He told me that he had a secret money source I could use to get me cash for real estate deals and that he has this "system" for investing in his own real estate deals by tapping into this unlimited cash.

          "What system?" I asked.  He went on to tell me that he started out as a real estate agent when one day he met this investor who told him how to invest in real estate rather than just being a Realtor.  Jay protested saying he didn't have the money or the credit.  Not even the "pro" real estate investor knew any "guru" secrets to big money in real estate without having good credit or lots of money down.  But Jay was determined to find a way to make big money in real estate WITHOUT his own money despite his bad credit history.

          It took him 6 years to discover this system!

          Something revolutionary happened...

"They Key is That I Found This Guy Who Can Get Me All Cash for My Deals!" 

          He discovered the secret that every aspiring real estate investor and even current real estate investors are looking for -- a way to AVOID using their own credit and own money in the real estate deals by finding a powerful money source that could get him all the cash he needed for his deals without using his own credit or requiring income verification.

          Now, let me back up for a second.  Let me tell you HOW to get the deals and how this entire process works!

The Small Classified Ad That Can Make You Tons of Money in Real Estate!

          Here's my exact ad I place:



Call Monica at (661) 295-5050 and I'll Give You An Offer You Can't Refuse in 48 Hours or Less!

          Every time I place that ad I'm FLOODED with calls.  If you don't believe me, PLACE THE AD and you'll see!  One time I even had to unplug my phone for a couple of days because I couldn't stand the ringing anymore!

​          Here's how all this works:

          You either have homeowners contact you (using the ad above) or you contact homeowners with listings in the MLS (usually through a real estate agent).  You buy the home, you make some quick and easy cosmetic upgrades and relist the house as soon as possible, making at lest market value on the house if not more!

          Take a look at a copy of a couple of escrow checks made on recent deals just to give you an idea of the type of money you can make on each deal!  Now, I will admit these figures are high since your average profits will fall into the range of $10,000 to $50,000 per deal but I did want to offer you proof that you can make much more than that.  The sky is the limit!

          Take a look at the possibilities...

Here's another one...

But it's not just me who can pull off flip deals like this!  Check out these checks from some of my students:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Checks Have NOT Been Updated Since the Release of Our Newest Version of the RECFS.  We Have Chosen NOT to Updated the Checks Due to "Issues" With Prospective Students Calling the Escrow Companies Listed on the Checks and Harassing Them for Confidential Information About the Transaction/Real Estate Deal Pertaining to the Check(s) That CANNOT Be Released (By Law) to Strangers Randomly Calling Into a Title or Escrow Office.  Because of This, We Will NO LONGER Be Showcasing These Kinds of REAL PROOF Checks Now and In the Future.  Thank You for Understanding!  Please Note That You Can Make EVEN MORE MONEY NOW Than Ever Before Due to CURRENT Real Estate Market Conditions Than What is Reflected on the Checks Above.

How to Make an Average of $25,000 Per Real Estate Deal Flip in 30 Days or Less by Buying and Selling Properties WITHOUT Your Own Money in 3 Easy Steps!

          This process is so simple that it'll blow your mind!  Here's how it works:

          Step 1:  Find a home to purchase.  This can be a condo, townhouse, or SFR (single-family home).  You can find a home by having homeowners contact you (with the ad I showed you) and/or finding homes online in the MLS and having a real estate agent orchestrate the purchase for you.  I use both methods PLUS an additional method that I teach that's even more powerful than using the ad and the online MLS.  What you're looking for are homes that will require some type of minor rehab or cosmetic improvements, especially those in older neighborhoods.

          Step 2:  Put in an all-cash offer with the promise of a quick close.  Your offer will be t least 15% to 20% less than their asking price.  This means you'll be offering $80,000 to $85,000 on a house with an asking price of $100,000.  If you think you can offer less because it needs more work then offer less!  The lower you can go on the price the better!

          Step 3:  Once you purchase the property, you quickly do renovations/rehab.  The goal is to complete the work and have it relisted on the market within 30 days.  Your rehab budget will be as close to $5,000 as possible (and up to $10,000).  (You can't go crazy with a rehab budget like you see on those flipping television shows because that's NOT how you make big money doing this.  Plus, you are LIMITED in the amount of time you have to turn around your property!)

          Okay, this all sounds fine and dandy but you need to know how to get this cash for your all-cash home offers and the money to rehab the house to flip it, right?  After all, isn't that the most important part of all this?  Getting the money for the deals??

How to Get Cash for Your Deals WITHOUT Spending a Dime Out of Pocket, WITHOUT Needing Good Credit, and WITHOUT Having to Show Income Verification for Approval!

          This is the part that makes the plan work as well as it does.  After all, if you wanted to buy and resell a house that's $50,000, how would you come up with that kind of money if you didn't have it?  What if you life in southern California like I do and your average flip is anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000?  Where would you get the money for a deal like that?

          Here's the answer to your prayers:  I have a secret money guy that will give you the cash for your deals on what's called "deferment."  No, this isNOT a loan.  It's more like "wet" funds or "transactional funding" that's reserved for back-to-back one-day flip type of deals except that it's for longer than a measly day.  You can get the money for up to 90 days to buy, fix up, and flip your deal with plenty of time to spare.

          ​What happens if you can't sell the property right away?

You'll get up to 1 year and then the property will revert back to my money guy.  You don't want this to happen otherwise you'll lose out on all the work you put into the property!  This is why there are certain types of properties you should ALWAYS choose while avoiding other properties like the plague.  (And I'll show you all of these important details that will make or break your career as a real estate flipper!)  If you choose the right properties in the right locations then you'll ALWAYS be able to resell your properties WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS or delays whatsoever!

          So, is there a catch?

          The only "catch" is that you will have to pay a transaction fee which ranges between 2% and 7% depending on how long you hold the cash in the property for.  Obviously a back-to-back flip (or a one-day close) will be on the lower end of the fee range while holding funds for a year will be at the higher range.  This all needs to be calculated in your transaction.

Remember, you are GUARANTEED a source of getting this cash no matter how bad your credit because your credit isn't pulled.  You don't even need to show income verification or need to provide any of the traditional loan approval documentation because it's technically NOT a loan.

          I have a direct contact to this secret money source which I'll be giving directly to you. This source will be your right-hand man in all of your real estate deals!  He will do ALL the paperwork.  He CAN get the money for anybody and having his contact info is worth ten times the cost of this system!  In fact, I had one real estate investor in New York pay me the cost of this course JUST FOR THIS MONEY GUY'S NAME AND PHONE NUMBER and for nothing else!

How to Really Make Money with Foreclosures!

          The game of foreclosures and short sales has changed dramatically in the past couple of years.  It's not the same as it use to be since much of the foreclosure inventory has been swooped up by other investors and property flippers.  However, there is STILL opportunity to latch onto some foreclosures and short sales using this method.  The nice part about getting a foreclosure or short sale is that you're negotiating directly with the bank which means they respond VERY FAVORABLY to all-cash offers, even if they're low.  In fact, there's a SPECIAL SYSTEM that you need to know about for working with foreclosures.

          Banks don't like wasting their time with a buyer who is going to finance the property because sometimes the financing doesn't go through and they've wasted their time tying up the property just for it to fall out of escrow.  By coming in with all cash, they'll take YOUR offer over anyone else's who is seeking financing because they know YOUR deal will close.  And they'll be willing to take MUCH LESS for an all-cash offer!

          There's a secret in how to find foreclosure properties (since most of them are gone) and how to put in an offer.  All this is covered in "How to Make $20,000 a Month with Foreclosures!"

Make $4,500 a Month MINIMUM in Net Passive Monthly Cash Flow in 6 Months!

          The biggest mistake for new real estate investors is that they want to flip properties but they don't even think about getting properties for long-term rental income.  This is a mistake for two (2) reasons:

          Reason #1:  Uncle Sam will rake you over the coals on something called "capital gains" taxes.

          Reason #2:  Within a short period of time you'll get tired of the flipping game and you'll want to enjoy a passive monthly cash flow without doing any more work.

          So, there's a solution and here's how it works:

          You take some of the proceeds from your flipping activities and start putting it into long-term passive income rental properties.

          If you keep going, you can double that figure to $9,000 after a year!  Imagine having $9,000 a month in passive income coming in without doing ANY work!  This is possible when you take some of your profits and invest it wisely.

"This Seems Hard!  Is It??"

          I don't know of ANY business that's easier than this!  I simply place an ad, have homeowners CALL ME, go and check out their property, buy it, do some cosmetic work with some dudes I pick up in a Home Depot parking lot, then resell it after a couple of weeks!  The whole process takes me less than two weeks and I usually have about 5 or 6 deals going on at the same time. To me, it's harder working at some job I hate for peanuts.  After all, I only do this for about 10 hours a week!

How I Made $236,026.39 in 6 Weeks!

          It's all documented and on paper.  (You already saw the proof with the escrow checks!)  Using this EXACT real estate system that I'm going to give to you, I made exactly $236,026.39 in 6 weeks...using only 10 hours a week!  That means I made about $3,933.77 an hour!  More than any JOB I ever had!  And you can certainly do the same thing too!

          Here's why this opportunity is so incredible:

  • You WILL get 100% of the cash for your deals and money for your rehab/cosmetic work!
  • Start setting up deals and making money in just 14 days!
  • Get started the day you get my system in the mail!
  • As easy as placing a small and and having homeowners CALLING YOU or you calling real estate agents from the online MLS!  ( also have one more secret method that's much more powerful than those 2 methods which I'll be showing you in the system (and no, it's NOT about putting cheesy yellow signs up everywhere either)!
  • You only need 10 hours or less a week to do this and that's it!
  • This is the easiest and most workable real estate investing plan I've ever seen!

Why Real Estate Investing is the BEST Cash Flow Business!

          Everybody will ALWAYS need a place to live NO MATTER THE ECONOMY.  Prices for real estate will ALWAYS GO UP.  Imagine if you purchase 10 properties today and hang onto them for 10 years!  Can you imagine how much your net worth will be in a decade?  You could be a MILLIONAIRE with just 10 properties!  And getting 10 properties can be done in a matter of months! Now is the time to do this because in 5 or 10 years -- even next year -- the prices of real estate WILL GO UP!  If you wait until then you'll HAVE TO PAY MORE!  And you won't be starting to build your real estate empire until it may be too late!

Here's How You Can Start Cashing in NOW!

          I created a tested and proven step-by-step Real Estate Cash Flow System that I'm offering for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Once I get the first 100 people to look at the system then I will STOP SELLING IT because I can't afford to flood the market for my own sake.  And I'm very serious about this.  It in't a marketing gimmick or a come-on.  If you want to risk losing out on discovering the REAL secrets behind making a fortune in real estate then DON'T respond!

          If you DO want to become a Real Estate Millionaire then RESPOND TO THIS OFFER IMMEDIATELY!

          So what will you get in the system?  Check this out:

  • Real Estate Cash Flow System Million-Dollar Manual:  This powerful manual will give you the EXACT details on how to invest like a millionaire...and to eventually become a real estate millionaire.  This includes precise instructions, contracts, ads, and the EXACT step-by-step how-to information you need from A to Z.
  • Audio Seminar:  Two solid hours giving you step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY what you need to do to get started and ramped up to making a MINIMUM of six-figures per year doing this!
  • Forms & Contracts CD-ROM:  All the forms, contracts, offers, LOIs, and other documents you need to work your new real estate business from top to bottom! 
  • Million-Dollar Resource Directory:  Discover my personal sources to real estate finance, where to locate foreclosures in seconds from home, gain access to my secret money guy's personal contact information so he can get cash for YOUR property deals too no matter how bad your credit!

          I could easily sell this system for $1,000 but I'm not because I want to be fair!  Here are the powerful secrets you'll discover...

  • My secret money source for all the cash you need for your deals!
  • How to secure your first property in just 14 days!
  • How to make a MINIMUM of $25,000 your first month!
  • ​How and where to place your ad that will attract DROVES of homeowners!
  • My powerhouse secret to getting EVEN MORE homeowners that has nothing to do with placing ads or looking on the MLS (and it's NOT about posting lame signs on telephone poles either)!
  • ​How to have homeowners beating a path to your door because you can offer them all cash and a quick 14-day (or less) close!
  • Why this is the ONLY real estate system out there of its kind and NOTHING like what those real estate "gurus" teach!
  • How you can have 54 rental units in three years and have a monthly cash flow of at least $27,000 a month!
  • How to get started with NO MONEY DOWN and NO CREDIT!
  • How you need no experience, no licenses, and no knowledge of real estate except from what you learn from me!
  • How you need NO MONEY except for the cost of an AD and your educational materials (see below).
  • How you can get started CASHING IN NOW!

          But I'm not going to charge you much for this!  The whole system for only $497 plus $20 shipping and handling.

          PLUS, I'm giving you the COMPLETE SYSTEM right up front.  I'm NOT going to have a telemarketer call you to "upsell" you on a $5,000 training course or $10,000 mentoring program like the other guys do.  I'm giving you the COMPLETE Real Estate Cash Flow System right up front -- complete, proven and step-by-step!  If you can follow instructions, you CAN do this!

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Call Me If You're Still Skeptical!

          CALL ME:  (661) 295-5050.  I'm available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.  And if I'm not there, leave a message.  I'll call you back as soon as I can.  Or email me by CLICKING HERE

What If This is Your LAST CHANCE for a Bona-Fide Money-Making Opportunity?

          You'll always be plagued with "opportunities" until the day you die.  There will ALWAYS be envelope stuffing and work-at-home assembly programs.  There will ALWAYS be real estate courses and making money online infomercials on TV.  And they'll always be network marketing (MLM), medical transcribing, Internet profit, and "mail order" programs to buy into.  Those scams will ALWAYS be around...forever!  This system WORKS!  If it didn't then I wouldn't be selling it!

         ​Imagine in just a few months from now living a completely different kind of life; all of your bills are paid, you're taking a cruise or the vacation of your dreams, you're able to spend more time with your spouse and kids, you're purchasing a new car...the car you've always wanted.  Maybe a BMW or a Mercedes or a Lexus.  Just within a few months time.  It's up to you. And it's NOW or NEVER!  I'm looking forward to helping you make your financial dreams come true.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

          P.S.  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!  Only the first 100 people will be given this system!  After that, it will be DISCONTINUED. DON'T MISS OUT!!

          P.P.S.  If you order within the next 48 hours I'll include a special upgrade, "How to Make $20,000 a Month with Foreclosures" and a BONUS Video!  Hurry! You can't afford to pass this up!

Here's What You'll Be Getting in Your COMPLETE Real Estate Cash Flow System:

  • Real Estate Cash Flow System Million-Dollar Manual:  This powerful manual will give you the EXACT details on how to invest like a millionaire...and to eventually become a real estate millionaire.  This includes precise instructions, contracts, ads, and the EXACT step-by-step how-to information you need from A to Z.
  • Audio Seminar:  Two solid hours giving you step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY what you need to do to get started and ramped up to making a MINIMUM of six-figures per year doing this!
  • Forms & Contracts CD-ROM:  All the forms, contracts, offers, LOIs, and other documents you need to work your new real estate business from top to bottom! 
  • Million-Dollar Resource Directory:  Discover my personal sources to real estate finance, where to locate foreclosures in seconds from home, gain access to my secret money guy's personal contact information so he can get cash for YOUR property deals too no matter how bad your credit!
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Financial figures have been introduced on this website and are meant to convey examples of potential profits that students of the Real Estate Cash Flow System could potentially realize when working the steps presented in the course materials.  As with any educational home-study course, students who read then implement the materials presented may make more or less than the financial figures suggested on this website.  By purchasing the Real Estate Cash Flow System, we are not implying guaranteed profits especially for those who get the educational materials and choose to do nothing with the information they've been presented.  The purchasers of these educational materials will see results depending on their enthusiasm, ability to follow instructions, and even their prior experiences and education levels which vary greatly from one person to the next.

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