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Raising Capital Secrets


Raising Capital System


How I've Been Able to Raise Millions of Dollars for Real Estate Using a Fail-Proof  Formula that Can Virtually GUARANTEE You'll Succeed in Gaining INSTANT ACCESS to Millions of Dollars!

Dear Future Millionaire,

How would you like to gain access to UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of private money at the SNAP of your fingers?

How would you like to NEVER deal with getting the screw job by hard money lenders...or getting approved for a loan from a conventional lender just for them to NOT fund your loan at the last minute?

Or what about...

Not having to worry about a mortgage payments or interest!

This means that there is NO LIMIT to the amount of properties you can buy or how much monthly cash flow you can make!


Borrow Endless Amounts of Money on YOUR TERMS...Whenever You Want!

It's becoming next to impossible to pry funds out of conventional lenders and banks these days unless you have perfect personal credit, rock-solid business credit, or a huge portfolio of properties to show in your financials.

And this is probably causing you to lose out on a lot of lucrative real estate investing deals, right?

It doesn't have to be that way anymore!


You Can Borrow ALL THE MONEY You Need for Your Real Estate Deals from Secret Private Individuals and NOT THE BANKS!  AND...You Can Get It Virtually Instantly!

...Plus, Imagine Getting This Money With...

  • NO Monthly Payments
  • NO Prepayment Penalties
  • NO Out-of-Pocket Costs
  • NO Points or Fees
  • NO Credit Checks or Tax Returns
  • NO Waiting Games
  • NO Limits on How Much You Can Get!


The Biggest Crippling Factor for New Real Estate Investors: 


If you don't UNLOCK THE "PRIVATE MONEY CODE" as a real estate investor than you're real estate investing business is DEAD IN THE WATER!

Every experienced real estate investor out there has learned pretty quickly that they can gain INSTANT and UNLIMITED ACCESS to funds for real estate deals while understanding that getting convention loans or hard money is a laughable JOKE...especially in THIS economy!


Because if you want conventional or even hard money in this day and age, you need...

  • CASH DOWN (At Least 20%) that Has to be "Seasoned" from Your OWN Bank Account!
  • Huge Loan Points/Fees
  • Debt Service (Mortgage) Payments that KILL Your Cash Flow
  • Money for Rehab Out of Your OWN Pocket

Even if you are able to orchestrate a creative financing deal using conventional or hard money...did you know that any little thing that's wrong with the application can be the moment the bank or lender says NO?  Even in the 11th hour when you are literally minutes from closing escrow?

Why deal with all that stress, red tape, and nonsense...WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO ANYMORE?!


There Are More PRIVATE MONEY and ANGEL FUNDS Available Than There Are Conventional Funds!

This surprises most people!

There are MORE Private Money and Angel Funds available than there are Conventional Bank/Lender Funds!

Surprised?  Shocked?

A little pissed off even...because you felt a little left out maybe?

  • How do you think I've been able to raise MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for my real estate transactions over the past decade since I've started working with commercial real estate?
  • How do you think investors like Donald Trump raise money for their property deals and construction projects?  Do you believe that they use personal funds or banks?  Hell no!

The benefits are that, with private lenders...

  • YOU set the terms including abolishing monthly payment plans, amortization schedules, and points/fees!
  • And you DON'T have to repay the private investor partners a damn thing until your property starts making money and, in some cases, when you cash out YEARS from now!

Do you know how powerful this is?  Do you know how much MORE cash flow you are about to get by using these methods when you DON'T have a mortgage eating away at MOST of your monthly cash flow?

Read what I'm about to share with you because you'll no longer have to feel left out of the "secret money club" ever again!


Private Investors Are CONSTANTLY Looking for Profitable Real Estate Deals to Invest In Where They Can Take a "Back Seat" to the Deal While Making Loads of Money...AND THEY NEED YOU TO DO IT!

There are tons of investors out there who don't believe in having a boatload of cash in the stock market and believe that real estate investing is the best for of investing.


Most are not in the "business" of rehabbing or managing a property.  They have the dough to sink into the deals but that's the extent of their "investing" that they want to participate in.  They want somebody else to do all the work including finding the property, doing all the due diligence, rehabbing the property (if required), leasing it up, and overseeing day-to-day management of the investment.

And they don't want to lift a finger.

If you think about it, why should they?  If they are putting in millions of dollars into a property deal out of their own cash stockpile, why should they have to work for their investment?  They are in a position now where their investment has to work for them.

That's where you come in!

Unlike the conventional loan set-up where a bank lends you funds for a property deal and the bank is satisfied with making interest off the loan, private money (in most cases) is much different.

Private money including angel investors and equity partnerships will offer up 100% of the funding on your property deal (and this is even BETTER than what a bank will offer you) but they want an equity share of the property deal.  Depending on the terms and agreement you have with the private money source, sometimes they'll give you equivalent to an interest-only loan plus take 25% in the gained equity share.  Some will even take some of the monthly cash flow.


Private Money Sources Want Deals with the HIGHEST RATE OF RETURN!

So, what kind of properties are these angel investors and private money sources looking for?

Most any deal out there, especially bank-owned properties, can be sold to an investor if the opportunity angle is captured.

What is the angle?

This means that you don't focus on what the deal looks like now.  You have to focus on what the deal WILL BE in the future.

And that's the whole secret!

Investors get excited about opportunity and cash flow potential.  They don't get excited about a 98% occupied property where the seller has bumped up the purchase price because he wants to be compensated for curing a former vacancy problem.  They don't get excited about a deal where someone has already rehabbed a property and is selling it for top dollar because they put in all the work already.

They want the RAW properties that your typical woosy investor won't touch with a 10-foot pole.  But they don't want just any raw property.  They only want the ones with huge potential.

Even if it looks like it's in shambles right now!

Many investors don't understand that private money investors want to see HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL and I'm not paying top-dollar for the work that some other seller is trying to get compensated for; whether that work is filling up the building with tenants or doing major rehab.

Private investors don't want to pay top dollar for a 100% occupied property that the seller just dumped $450,000 of rehab money into and has the property listed for AT appraised value.  In fact, there is not one private investors that I know of who would consider that scenario something they would invest in.

Those types of deals are for new investors, busy executives who are haphazardly trying to diversify their investments, and inexperienced wannabe commercial investors who are too lazy to do the work themselves and are willing to foolishly pay top dollar for someone else to have done that work for them; usually those people end up buying at break-even then losing the property to foreclosure within a year or two anyway. can't buy at appraised value and you can't pay for someone else to have done the elbow grease that YOU should have taken the time to do...and expect to get maximum cash flow.  That's just stupidity across the board.


Isn't that what you want as an investor?

It's like looking at one of those old English tutor mansions from the 19th century that's run down to the ground...but you want to buy it anyway.


Because you see THE FUTURE of what the property WILL BE LIKE and you DON'T SEE the ramshackle of the place that sits before your eyes.

And that's how this business of investing works for real life investors who do this day in and day out.

You have to start thinking like them if you plan on getting private funds.  Once you learn the secrets to WHAT they are looking for and HOW TO PRESENT the deal to them, you will have access to UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF MONEY.

Which means, you'll have to get REALLY GOOD at convincing someone of the potential of a run-down, non-performing asset and how it can really kick ass financially if the right steps are taken.


You have to outline what those steps will be so that the investor can see the entire picture clear as day...

It's like making them see that old run-down English tutor already completely rehabbed to pristine condition -- and even imagining that they are having their first evening cocktail party out in their perfectly manicured sprawling backyard with violins playing, fountains bubbling, lightning bugs blazing -- even all the while the "real" place still looks like an overgrown rotten calamity of a garden with trolls living in the bushes.


But...You Can't Come Off as a "Flake" or Unprofessional Otherwise You'll NEVER Get a Dime in Private Funds!

If you don't do things precisely perfect the way I'll show you, you'll come off looking like a flakey fly-by-night and you'll never get one red cent from a private investor anywhere.

In fact, all you'll get are a bunch of overseas "Arab sheiks" and the likes telling you that you'll have to fork over $10,000 to get access to millions of dollars...and you'll end up getting ripped off in a scam!

There are ways to make it look like you know what you're doing (even if you are a beginning investor) and way to seem unprofessional to private investors.  I'll tell you exactly what investors look for and different things they may say to "test" you to make sure you are legitimate...and how to pass their tests every time!


I've Gotten MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Private Money for 99% of My Investments Because I Know the Secrets to What they Require and Which Deals They Want to Invest In!

And I Can Show You Exactly How to Tap Into These PRIVATE FUNDS...INCLUDING Specific Private Lenders Who Can Give You Private Cash Money for Your Deals!

You have to know how to find these angel investors, what private money sources want to see in a deal, what makes them salivate, what commands their immediate attention, and what their idea property scout should be doing.

You'll have to be able to quickly assess properties, put together a basic demographics report to "sell" the area of the property, be able to put together a solid proforma to "sell" the future potential while minimizing the current condition or faults of the property.

Once you understand how it works, you'll realize how incredibly EASY it is to do this.

You just need to first understand what ALL investors want and how to give it to them.

And I can show you how to do that!


Easy and Instant Secrets to Getting Private and Angel Investors Beating a Path to Your Door!

It's not enough to whip together a business plan/proposal for a property deal and throw up a posting on a website like  If you don't follow a simple set of rules and techniques, mostly you'll be wasting your time and money doing this without understanding how to become a private money magnet.

I'll show you how to quickly raise all the private money you need for any real estate deal or enterprise by learning a few simple presentation skills that will get any investor handing you the keys to his vault within minutes after standing in line to wait to hear about your proposal!

Think I'm exaggerating?

Think again!  Remember, this is how I've been raising funds for my own deals for the past decade and how I will continue to get money for my deals for the next several decades because BANKS SUCK!  I'm never again going to be at their whim, losing deals because I can't close fast enough or because their delicate long listing of requirements including occupancy levels weren't precisely filled one-by-one.

Private money will ultimately replace every investors' need to seek out commercial bank funds for ANYTHING!  And you may as well be ahead of the curve, especially as this window of opportunity to get hot cash flow deals is beginning to close!


You'll discover...

  • The types of properties that ALL private investors are after
  • Which areas of the country private investors are actively seeking property deals
  • Which areas to AVOID like the plague including areas that YOU probably think are "hot"
  • How to quickly assess a property to see if it has "investor potential"
  • How to write a demographics report that with make any city mayor proud -- and you only have to do this ONCE
  • How to create a realistic proforma that will maximize the future financial potential of the property
  • How to lay out a step-by-step recommended management plan to make an out-of-state investor feel comfortable with following through with the deal
  • How to get the REAL numbers from sluggish and unresponsive real estate listing agents
  • How to work the numbers on a bank-owned REO foreclosure, even if it's completely vacant with NO prior numbers to go on
  • How to find pocket listings that are not part of the MLS system to have the ultimate advantage over everyone else looking for deals
  • How to access some of my own private lenders...never before revealed! 
  • And much, much more!


Plus, If You Are NOT SEC Compliant, You WILL Get Into BIG TROUBLE With the Government

Did you know that you have to follow Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations when raising money for your investments?  Do you know what happens if you don't follow the regulations correctly?

You don't want to know what happens.

I will guide you in exactly what you need to do and what NOT to do in order to make sure you are fully compliant with the SEC.  This will include giving you details about what the regulations are, how you can easily abide by them at all times, and how to stay out of hot water with the government.

This is JUST AS important as understanding HOW TO raise the money in the first place!



Raising Capital System - Complete Course


Here's what it includes:

  • Raising Capital Manual: Includes all the details of how to Raise Capital, where to find investors including where to advertise, how to "bait" them into looking at your proposal, how to quickly and easily write a simple 7 - 10 page proposal, how to do a PowerPoint presentation to get ANY investor salivating at the mouth, how to raise money within 48 hours, and how to stay SEC compliant at ALL times!
  • Business Plans Sample Manual:  Includes sample business plans that have been successful in getting money from private investors can use for your  proposals to get investors interested in your deals.  Investor Marketing CD:  Powerful and MUST-HAVE CD which include a PowerPoint presentation you can use as a template for your own needs, business card templates to substantiate credibility among investors, marketing pieces that you can use for your own purposes, commitment forms, confidentiality agreements, sample business plans/proposals, and SEC forms that you'll need when soliciting for funds for your investments.  These are REQUIRED if you want to raise funds efficiently and legally!  This also includes phone and meeting scripts you can use when talking to investors about your profitable investment deals and sample Power Point presentations.
  • Raising Capital Resource Directory:  This includes different firms that offer cash for deals for an equity partnership share, listings of mailing list brokers to mail your postcards to, and websites where you want to post for investment funds.  This directory has UNIQUE resources that are ONLY for this directory and are much different than those located in my other resource directories!
  • Special Investor Audio Sales Presentation:  This is something that will blow your mind.  This CD was developed by me and it explains to investors why getting involved in apartment building and mobile home park investments is BETTER than stocks or any other investment vehicle.  You can duplicate this CD and report, include it into an investment package (with your deal specifics) and drive the sales pitch home when they come to realize that this is truly the best and last profitable investment vehicle!
  • Bonus DVD:  How EASY It Is to Get Money ONLINE with a Couple Clicks of the Mouse!  This powerful video will show you exactly how to use the power of the Internet to draw private investors to you.  It will show you exactly what you need to do with a real live demonstration!
  • Audio Seminar:  Power-packed audio seminar discussing every aspect of raising private money including my own personal experiences.  It will teach you exactly what to do, especially in our current economic conditions and how to avoid the costly pitfalls of doing it incorrectly!

If you're sitting on the fence and not sure if you should jump on this opportunity, think about this:

  • You are paying only a few hundred dollars to gain access to millions of dollars in cash for property deals that would otherwise be OFF LIMITS for you...we're talking about deals that are $10 million or more!
  • My competitors charge $5,000 or more for seminars just like this one, offer about 50% of the information, and mainly do nothing but sell you on higher priced "boot camps" and mentorship programs during their "seminar"...while I DO NOT believe in that sales model and ALL of my events are 99.99% usable information you can use immediately, the second you walk out the door!


But...You Can Actually Get This Course for FREE!

For my students who use my Raising Capital System - Complete Course and gain access to private money within 90 days of receiving their course (and can show me PROOF of their private cash) then I'll issue you a FULL REFUND and let you keep the course...

But you have to offer up a video or audio and written testimonial for me.

That's all I ask.

Of course, I'm only going to allow the first 10 people to be able to take advantage of this generous offer because I only need 10 testimonials.

So you better get on getting your private money ASAP so I can give you a FULL REFUND of your course for your testimonial!


This is the ONLY Way to Get Quick Cash...Do You Get It Yet?

I really do hope you understand how critical it is to get private money, angel funds, and equity partnerships in this day and age where it's getting harder and harder for even the best creditworthy applicants with 25% seasoned cash down to qualify for a real estate loan -- making it a pipe dream for a newcomer investor to come into the game with no cash and no credit.

In fact, you can't really do it anymore without having access to private money.

This is your true ticket to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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