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Churn Out Dozens of Professional, Legally Iron-Clad Offers within MINUTES...


Guaranteed to Make Sellers Take You Seriously, Giving You an Unfair Cutting-Edge Advantage Over Competing Investors!

Offer Writer Pro Software:  The ONLY Software on the Market that Can Write Fast, Accurate, and Professional Letters of Intent (LOIs) or Offers Quickly and Easily!

Instantly Write Your Offers to Get Them Out FAST!

Dear Real Estate Investor,

If you typed out an offer lately and it wasn't accepted, chances are, you are doing something WRONG!

And if you have submitted MULTIPLE OFFERS and they are all getting ignored or rejected, YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING WRONG!

Many new real estate investors put together offers that are not correct.  They are misspelled, lacking in proper grammar, use the WRONG real estate terminology, have laughable and unrealistic mortgage or financing terms, and/or aren't even legally compliant!

And, if your offer is WRONG in ANY capacity, the listing agent or seller will throw it in the trash without a second thought...usually after a long hearty laugh about how BOGUS and stupid-looking your offer is!

Am I being too hard?  No, I'm being HONEST.  Welcome to the cruel world of commercial real estate.  If you aren't submitting Letters of Intent (LOIs) or offers in the PROPER FORMAT with the PROPER LINGO and the PROPER TERMS then they will be THROWN AWAY without consideration.  GUARANTEED!


Most Real Estate Investor "Newbies" NEVER Make it to First Base with a Seller or Listing Agent Which Means They'll NEVER Buy Their First Property...ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE SUBMITTING POORLY WRITTEN LOIs OR OFFERS!

Have you submitted a lot of offers and they either are IGNORED or they are REJECTED?  Have you noticed that the second your offer is received, suddenly you aren't being taken seriously anymore?

If you want to get investment properties that make HUGE CASH FLOWS, you have to get a deal under contract and in escrow.  You can't do that if every single offer of yours gets thrown in the trash before they are seen by the seller!

Most listing agents (seller's agents) SUCK!  They are LAZY, RUDE, MEAN, and DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!  They also DON'T CARE ABOUT THE SELLER either.  They ONLY care about themselves and how much of a commission they will get getting.

If your offer doesn't grab them by the throat, it WILL get flung into the trash without a second through, right next to their McDonald's cheeseburger wrapper and empty sweaty drink cup from that days lunch.

You see, most LOIs and offers written by new real estate investors are wrong, wrong, WRONG in every way.  I have created videos, training sessions, and have verbally given my students instruction over the phone as to how they SHOULD and SHOULDN'T write an offer.

But it doesn't seem to matter because, unless I'm sitting at their desk and doing it for them, it won't get done right!

Why?  Because some people don't have the right "touch" when it comes to writing.  Yes, they may have graduated high school or college...some even have a Masters Degree...yet they still can't write their way out of a paper bag.

I've seen some of the LOIs and offers my students write.  They are grammatically incorrect, misspelled, poorly written, aesthetically incorrect, inappropriate font sizes are used, incorrect terminology is used, mortgage and financial terms are stupid, and the ONLY thing that separates the document from having been written by a third-grader is that it doesn't have red crayon scribbled all over it.

And it's pretty sad to me that people simply do not have the ability to write well.  After all, your ability to write well will MAKE or BREAK your career as a real estate investor, especially when it comes to writing offers and LOIs.

Even worse, I have students of mine who are BLIND to what they are doing wrong.  What is obvious to some of us is completely "normal" in how other people write and they will NEVER understand why their offers aren't being taken seriously.


The Cold Hard Truth:  An Offer that is Submitted to a Real Estate Agent That LOOKS Unprofessional, Incorrect, and BOGUS will Get LAUGHED AT Over the Water Cooler and Then Tossed In the Trash Without Further Consideration!

Commercial real estate is a hard business.  It's a dominated world of male chauvinist who still work at trying to beat me up on a daily basis.  Yes, there are some nice people who work in the industry so this doesn't apply to everyone.  However, MOST of the people you deal with in this business, ESPECIALLY the real estate agents who represent the seller, are jerks!

You cannot risk being laughed at or not taken seriously otherwise they will WALK ALL OVER YOU after they have already chewed you up and spit you out.  They will try to make you look foolish, try to manipulate you into believing garbage that isn't true, then refuse to do business with you after kicking you in the ass and shoving you out the door.

This is NOT what you want to experience as a new investor who is trying to get your foot in the door.  A couple of brutal beatings like that may put you out of the business permanently.

But that's not the worst part...

If you keep submitting offers that are NEVER accepted, you will NEVER be able to buy a property.  If you are submitting offers and you're wondering why you are being IGNORED or REJECTED, it means you are DOING SOMETHING WRONG.  So...FIX IT!!

Sellers' agents are the "gate keepers" to the seller.  If you can't impress a listing agent then your offer will NEVER be presented to the seller, even if the agent convinces you that the seller saw and rejected the offer personally.

And you'll never be able to verify whether that's true or not.

Meanwhile, you may have lost a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR cash cow of a property deal because you made one or two small and almost insignificant mistakes that you STILL don't "get" that you are making.

You CAN'T AFFORD to lose out on cash flowing property deals because you aren't typing out a proper offer!  And, if you blow it the first time, you WILL NOT get a second chance.  Each time you resubmit your offer, it will be thrown in the trash over and over again as the listing agent sighs and tells himself, "This loser again!  When will he ever give up?"


The Window of Opportunity is Closing...Never Again Will the Opportunities Be This AWESOME...And You Can't Wait Months or Years to "Bumble" Your Way Through the Learning Curve!  The Market Will NOT Wait For You to Learn!

The last time anyone was able to enjoy such phenomenal opportunities was in the 1930s during the Great Depression.  Then in the 1970s there were some more kick-ass deals to be had (although not as great as during the Depression).

I can say with every ounce of conviction that there will NEVER be another time in your lifetime, or even in your grand-children lifetime, when you will see deals this incredible.  Do you really want to blow one deal after another after another because you simply are not writing out your offers or LOIs correctly?  Do you want to take the expensive "learning curve" route by bumbling your way through your mistakes so that "one day" you'll finally get it?  Can you really afford to wait until "one day" when you learn...if you finally learn without being shoved out of the commercial real estate investing industry by a brutal and uncaring real estate agent or seller?


Deals Are Being Quickly Snatched Up By Experienced Real Estate Investors...

And the Pace At Which They Are Picking Up Properties is Getting FASTER and FASTER as the Months Pass By!  You Will Either Get on Board FAST or You WILL Be Left Behind!

I had spoken to a mentorship student the other day and, for the first time in 18 months of hosting student calls talking to HUNDREDS of students, I had to hang up on her!  I couldn't take it anymore!  I had NEVER hung up on any one of my students ever!

I couldn't take being personally blamed because she was going on and on about how she had submitted dozens of offers and they were all going ignored by the listing agents.  I didn't understand how she was blaming seemed as if she was blaming me because she was UNABLE to speak English very well and how that was damaging her chances in becoming a successful real estate investor.

Well, first of all, I have dealt with too many students to know that she was just making excuses.  I have had several people who had difficulty with English and they were able to become successful in real estate investing under my instruction.  One lady was Hispanic, barely spoke English, and bought 2 apartment buildings within 4 months of starting with me.  Another student, a Greek guy, bought a small building in New Jersey within only weeks of starting one of my groups!

So, any of you who know me know that I don't like when people makes excuses...especially when BLAMING ME for their faults.

Then it made me think: it's obvious that this lady doesn't speak English well.  I could only IMAGINE what her LOIs or offers looked like.  She didn't show me what she submitted.  But...if they were anything like the broken, barely understandable English that she annunciated over the phone then it was obvious why NO ONE was responding to her multiple offers.

In fact, I'm sure when her offers came over by fax or via email, the listing agent probably laughed and even shared the bogus-looking offer with a couple of his buddies while cackling up a storm; then used her offer as a paper basketball aiming right into the trash.

I could BARELY UNDERSTAND her English and she was complaining over and over again about how she had submitted dozens of offers and no one was responding to her AT ALL.


If You Want Your Deals to Go Through, You Can't Afford to Look Like a Joke!  One TINY MISTAKE Can Mean the Difference Between Getting a Huge CASH COW Deal Under Contract or Having Your Offer Hit the Shredder Machine at Lightening Speed!

Time is truly of the essence.  If you are competing for properties against other investors, don't you want to get the deal for yourself?  Why shouldn't you?  Just because you make a few mistakes doesn't mean your offers should be laughed at then thrown away, right?  WRONG!

You need to submit SERIOUS offers.  No exceptions.  It can mean the difference between getting or losing out on a multi-million dollar deal. 

It can mean the difference between an asset manager going to bat for you on getting bank-direct funding on a bank-owned REO property...or getting laughed, joked about, and then having all of your offers from there on out automatically rejected because everyone in the bank now knows that you are a "late night infomercial junkie" who just graduated from the Billy Buckston Real Estate School of Suckers.

Don't Risk Losing Out on Another Deal...or Worse...Being LAUGHED AT By a Real Estate Agent!

You are either going to put yourself out as a serious investor or you need to quit and do something else for a living.  You either go all in or do something else with your life.

You need to decide that right now!

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Offer Writer Pro 1.0 is a wizard application to assist a real estate investor in quickly writing an on-point, professional, and well-laid-out offer or LOI (Letter of Intent).  It includes the necessary legalese to ensure that you are in compliance with real estate laws.  A serious investor can't assume that he or she is writing out an LOI or offer correctly.  A single mistake will mean the difference between an accepted or rejected offer.

No refunds on opened software products.  Defective software CD-ROMs will be replaced.  This software is for WINDOWS ONLY!

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