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Motherload 2020 

Gain Access to My "Money Vault" Where You Can Get Millions of Dollars for Your Real Estate Deals Including NEW 2020 Never-Before-Revealed Lenders in the MILLION-DOLLAR MOTHERLOAD RESOURCE DIRECTORY!

And...For the FIRST TIME EVER...

I'm Including Sources for Getting Unsecured Business Credit of Up to $300,000!

2020 Version Just Released!!

You Have Only ONE SHOT At Nabbing My Newest 2020 Million-Dollar Motherload Resource Directory for a BASEMENT-BOTTOM PRICE!  I WILL NOT Be Offering This Low-PriceOpportunity EVER AGAIN!  This NEW Resource Directory Includes ALL of My Directories COMBINED PLUS Several New Powerful Resources (Including 100% LTV Lenders and Partners) That is NOT Part of Any of My Directories!

Dear Real Estate Investor;

Money is what makes or breaks whether you will be successful as a real estate investor.  If you don't have access to the best and most up-to-date resources then your investing business is over!

I typically update my resource directories once per year.  Each one of my courses has a different resource directory, each having certain unique resources.  You would have to purchase all of my courses in order to get them all since I don't sell the directory ala carte This would cost WELL OVER $1,000 to get all of these directories IN ONE!

But what I'm offering you right now is special...

This is the most chock-full resource-packed up-to-date resources from ALL of my courses all into one directory.  PLUS I've added some brand new resources that you won't ever find in any of my new updated directories for the newest version of my courses.

In fact, this will be the ONLY time you will ever be able to order my resource directory COMBINED as one directory with ALL of my resources PLUS have access to my completely BRAND NEW resources that have NEVER BEFORE been introduced to my students...nor will they ever because they are my PERSONAL "POCKET" SOURCES that I do business with.

And you'll have direct access to them!

  • You'll gain instant access to MORE brand new 100% LTV lenders for residential-commercial and commercial-commercial property deals INCLUDING new 100% LTV loan programs!
  • You'll have a direct contact with new investor partnership groups that want to do deals with you and will offer all the funding you need!  These are equity partnership companies who will give you CASH DOWN on a property deal for taking 25% to 50% of the equity and monthly cash flow of the property deal!
  • You'll have NEW transactional funding sources including those that do "extended" transactional funding for up to a full year, allowing for profitable flips without taking any cash out of your pocket.
  • A BRAND NEW SOURCE for you to gain access to sources that can get you up to $400,000 in unsecured personal credit that you can use for ANYTHING.
  • This includes hard money sources that can offer you LTVs of 100% to purchase cash flowing properties.
  • You'll get access to MORE investment groups that are looking for bird-dog and property scout deals where they will pay you HUGE referral fees for your property deals.
  • You'll also have access to lenders that specialize in high LTVs for MHP deals...up to 100% now!
  • This also includes new information on how to use my personal money broker and EXACTLY HOW to use DPA in order to get a multi-million dollar property loan.
  • And something incredibly powerful...companies that will give unsecured loans of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in business credit to new businesses!


  • You'll even get a preapproval application package so that you can qualify to get an INSTANT PRE-APPROVAL for your multi-million dollar property deal just by filling out a simple form.


  • My special report on the hottest real estate investing opportunity for 2020 and I'll bet you'll never guess what it is in a million years!  This is NOT something you want to pass up on if you want to become a true real estate mogul!

In this SPECIAL RARE PACKAGE, you will be getting:

  • The 2020 Motherload Resource Directory Including BRAND NEW RESOURCES
  • Application Package to Get an INSTANT Preapproval with My Personal Money Broker
  • POF Template:  Never Again Be "Disbarred" From Submitting an Offer Again Because You Can Create Your Own POF/VOD (Verification of Deposit) Letter ON THE SPOT with No Bank Red Tape to Get It!!
  • Cash Flow Evaluator with Video Tutorial
  • BONUS REPORT:  The HOTTEST Real Estate Investing Secret for 2020 -- And It'll SHOCK You!!

The Motherload Package is ONLY $597


Only those who have purchased ANY prior version of the Motherload Resource Directory/Package is eligible for the Upgrade Price (and we do check) and we'll send you the upgrade portions of the package.  If this is the FIRST TIME you've gotten the Motherload, you need to select the New Purchasers Price.

I strongly recommend that you DO NOT pass up this opportunity because it is subject to our current supply (which isn't but a few units).  Once we are out, I will NOT be offering this 2020 Motherload Package again! 

And my newest, hottest resources (especially my personal ones) will NOT be put into my upgraded resource directories when I upgrade my course materials!

*Only those with ANY prior version of the Motherload Resource Directory Package qualifies for the Upgrade pricing.  This DOES NOT include the Resource Directories that are included with my course materials such as that of the Apartment Riches System.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


Motherload Package:  $597

For the Motherload Upgrade:  $347*

*Only those with ANY prior version of the Motherload Resource Directory Package qualify for the reduced Upgrade pricing; yes, we do check to verify if you have a prior version!  This DOES NOT include having purchased a course with a Resource Directory in it.

Get the 2020 Motherload Resource Directory Package Now!

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Refund Policy:

There are NO REFUNDS on either package listed above because of the extreme value of the resources being provided.


You are NOT ALLOWED to share these resources with ANY outside 3rd party except with a SINGLE business partner and/or your spouse.  You are not allowed to publish the resources or sell them.

Legal Disclaimer:

While the resources we do provide in our directory are extremely valuable, these sources are not required or obligated to send you funds especially when not following their policies, requirements, or specified protocol.  This is a directory of resources and not a promise or guarantee of the receipt of funds or partnership contracts.

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