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Grant Writer Pro 2.0

From a Student's Email as Received 5 Weeks Ago...

"I Almost Didn't Believe It When the HUD Approved My Application for a Low-Income Housing Grant for a Total of $83,475.  Getting a Grant was MUCH EASIER Than I Thought It Would Be with the Right Tools in Place!"

Danielle H., Minneapolis, MN

New Real Estate Grant Opportunities NOW AVAILABLE! 

Dear Real Estate Investor,

If you aren't taking advantage of the grant programs that the government has for real estate purchases, you are shortchanging yourself!

Every month the government has new real estate grants for acquisitions and rehab.  Many of these grant programs are through HUD (Housing Urban Development).  They include grants to help you get down payment money and rehab funds for apartment buildings for low-income housing and low-income elderly housing.

You shouldn't miss out on this opportunity to get FREE GRANT MONEY!

Because our country is so economically depressed right now, there are so many new government grants to support low-income housing or Section 8.  You can take advantage of this opportunity by tapping into this resource to build your real estate business.

I Was Wrong...Section 8 Isn't Going Anywhere!

When Bush was in office, I feared that Section 8 was going to be abolished for good.  There was mention of getting rid of Section 8 for many years.  Then Bush left, Section 8 stayed, and getting rid of it hasn't been mentioned again!

Right now with Obama in office, I no longer fear that Section 8 will disappear because our economy is too fragile and the government (namely Obama) won't do anything to "break" it at this point.

So...Section 8 is here to stay for now.

And you can wildly profit from this opportunity!

Even if Section 8 disappears in the next couple of years, it won't matter.  If you decide to take advantage of the special grant programs now, you can get the funds now.  What happens in the future won't matter once you have already taken advantage of the opportunity!

There are so many struggling Americans and a drastic class divide where the middle class is permanently diminishing.  There will be 5% in the upper class category and 95% in the low-income category. 

Section 8 will be in demand for many more decades to come.  In fact, the program is about to expand because of this mind-boggling fact...

Most Seniors in the United States will Live Beyond Their Retirement

People are living longer, inflation is getting higher, and most seniors' retirement funds won't support them for the remainder of their lifetime.  There is an average "gap" of 18 years between when the money will run out and when they will pass away.

Eighteen years is a lot of years to be dead broke, unable to work, and unable to obtain any kind of income!

The Section 8 program that seems to be expanding rapidly is for low-income senior housing.  With so many Baby Boomers retiring (and some are already broke), there is going to be a huge demand for this type of housing grant.

What does this mean?

It means that if you want to purchase an apartment building specifically for the use of low-income senior housing, you could qualify for a grant to not only purchase the property (including the down payment) but also to rehab the property, especially to be sure that you are in compliance with the mobility needs of the elderly.  This means that wheelchair access has to be in place and building codes must be in full compliance.  The government will pay huge sums of money to make sure that you can get your low-income senior housing AND fix up the property!

Can Anyone Qualify for this Free Money?  How Much Money Can You Get?  How Long Does It Take to Get the Money?

In order to qualify for a Section 8 grant or any other commercial real estate grant, you have to be operating as a U.S. based LLC or corporation.  You DO NOT need to be a non-profit organization and you DO NOT need to be a U.S. citizen.  You CANNOT use these grants for properties outside of the U.S.  They are ONLY for properties in the United States.

Grants can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars depending on what YOU apply for and what YOU qualify for based on your presented needs.  If you can clearly show that you should be getting $240,000 for a 100-unit low-income senior housing apartment building by itemizing your proposed expenses then, chances are, you will get the money.  If you don't write your grant proposal correctly, you will not get the grant.

Grants typically take anywhere from 60 - 90 days to get.  This is why you need to make sure you write your grant proposal correctly the first time.  If it gets kicked back because of errors, you will have to start the clock all over again.

Grant Writer Pro 2.0:

Virtually Guarantees Your Grant Proposal Writing Success by Practically Writing an Error-Proof Grant Proposal for You!

My tech guy, Rafael, just put the finishing touches on the Grant Writer Pro 2.0.  It's competely different than my first version.  It's so much better in so many ways.

The Grant Writer Pro 2.0 can help you...

  • Research the latest grant opportunities available to you
  • Write a perfect grant proposal or packet request
  • Give you tips on exactly what to do to make sure your grant proposal will be accepted
  • Itemize your grant needs in a way that the government needs to see it in order for you to get approved
  • Guides you through the entire process from beginning to end!

If you don't know the first thing about grant-writing or grant proposals then, chances are, you will FAIL MISERABLY in putting together a successful grant proposal.

In fact, if you don't have the right tools for grant writing, don't bother trying.  You'll get lost in the endless bureaucratic red-tape maze of the government and end up quitting in frustration long before you get a cent in grant money.

Bottom line: if you don't have the correct tools, don't bother!  Period!

Take Advantage of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Free Government Grant Money for Commercial Real Estate Purchases, Rehab, and New Construction Projects

Section 8 programs are NOT the only programs that the government is shelling out grant funds for.  There is free grant money for many other types of commercial properties, especially in an effort to rehabilitate portions of a dying city (and there are many across the U.S.).

The Grant Writer Pro 2.0 will assist you in locating the right grants for your properties.

Here's the key to success in using grants for commercial and residential-commercial real estate...

Find the Grant First...Then Find the Property to Fit the Grant!

Most of my students do this backwards.  They find a property then try to find a grant for the deal.  That's not how this works.  You have to find the right grant program then find a property that matches what the government is issuing grant funds for.

Once you find a solid grant program that the government is giving out lots of funds for (and the Grant Writer Pro 2.0 will help you find these grants) then it is super simple to find the property you can apply for the grant with.

You CANNOT apply for a property grant unless you have a property you are planning on using the grant for.  The government will want to see an address of the property you are planning on applying the grant funds to.  You don't have to have the property purchased (unless it's a rehab grant) or under contract.  It can be a property that you are merely considering purchasing.

It's fairly easy to find buildings that fit with Section 8 grants.  If you look at the thousands of buildings available for sale that are in low-income areas, all of these properties would qualify for a Section 8 grant.

If you are considering a Section 8 grant for low-income senior housing then you simply find a building in a low-income area.  It doesn't have to have seniors in the building already.  You can specify in your grant proposal that you will be turning the low-income building into a low-income senior building and the government will accept your proposal based on this simple explanation.

Tap Into the Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Free Government Grant Money to INCREASE Your Cash Flow!

Let me give you a simple example:

Say there is a 60-unit apartment building in a low-income area that you are considering purchasing for $1,000,000.  You don't have the 25% down payment that some conventional lenders will require.  You consider getting a Section 8 government grant for the acquisition of low-income housing.

You have only 1 of 3 options to make this deal work:

Option 1:  Put $250,000 cash down out of your own pocket and finance $750,000 of the purchase through a first-position conventional lender.  Most people don't have $250,000 cash lying around for the down payment on a low-income building.

Option 2:  Structure down payment assistance (DPA) or transactional funding for the $250,000 while getting a conventional lender to cover $750,000.  A buyer's repair credit will cover the transactional funds but you will have to do a private mortgage contract with the owner on the back end.  This means you will have to cover 2 loans instead of 1, thus lowering your cash flow.

Option 3:  Get an acquisitions grant for $250,000 that you NEVER have to pay back and get a first-position conventional loan for $750,000.  You didn't have to come out of pocket for the down payment, you have the highest possible cash flow, and you have instant equity of $250,000 in your property that you can borrow at any time!

You can't get a grant on any type of property but you CAN get a grant on most low-income housing buildings which means that you are...

  • Getting properties that are C class; having the highest cash flow possible
  • Helping those in need by offering affordable housing
  • Getting the best deal on the building because it's in a low-income area


You can now qualify to get Section 8 "vouchers" where the government GIVES YOU MONEY for the tenants to live there.

This is the best type of strategy because low-income generally has much lower rent than higher income areas.  Since you already know you are in a low-income area, you will have gotten the lowest possible purchase price on your building which can allow for you to accept lowered rents and STILL MAKE TONS OF MONEY!'s even better when the government gives you Section 8 vouchers which GUARANTEE that you will receive the rental income each month.

Let's face it; it's difficult for most people to wrap their head around the idea of offering low-income housing because many fear that they simply won't get paid their monthly rent payments.  Many low-income residents are on welfare, may or may not have a job at any given time, and can be frustrating for apartment building owners.


When the government is giving you payments for rent every month like clockwork, you'll NEVER have to worry about receiving rent again!  You can have a 100% occupancy and sleep well at night knowing that EVERY SINGLE TENANT WILL PAY THEIR RENT ON TIME (because Uncle Sam is paying for it instead)!

When you get a Section 8 grant for the acquisition and/or rehab of a low-income housing building, it will be VERY EASY for you to qualify for the Section 8 voucher program because you have already qualified for another Section 8 program!

Grants Now Available for NEW Real Estate Programs!

Again, Section 8 is NOT the only program you can get a grant for.  There are several other real estate grant opportunities you can take advantage of...and each quarter there are a slew of new grant programs added!

The government is giving grants for new construction and rehab in an effort to become more "green" or environmentally friendly.

There are grant programs to build hospitals, community centers, and other types of buildings to help bolster the social center of many major cities in the country.

The Grant Writer Pro 2.0 will guide you to these grant programs, tell you how much you can qualify for, and the exact process in getting your grant.

Then the Grant Writer Pro 2.0 will guide you through the process of putting together your grant proposal for immediate acceptance by the U.S. government

This is the ONLY Grant Writer Software Available for Real Estate Grant Proposals

There is NO other grant writing software on the market for real estate grant proposals.  There are grant writing softwares, grant writing books, and grant writing tips out there but NONE of them address real estate specifically.


If you ever hope to get your grant proposal accepted, you MUST have the right tools to implement the process...



Because you'll fail, hands down!

I'm not trying to be mean.  I'm trying to be realistic.  The grant process can be frustrating, long, tiresome, and futile if you don't have the right tools in place.

The Grant Writer Pro 2.0 will help you through the entire process!  Before you know it, you'll have a grant from the government for a hefty sum of money for your next real estate deal!

Brand New Grant Writer Pro 2.0 Available for the FIRST TIME EVER!

The Grant Writer Pro 2.0 is BRAND NEW.

If you are serious about tapping into this free government money for your real estate deals then I strongly recommend you get your hands on a copy of this software.


Because it's only a matter of time before hundreds, maybe even thousands of people get this software.  This means that the grant offices within the government will be FLOODED with new applications.  The more applications, the longer it takes for the proposals to be read and considered, and the FASTER the grant funds for a particular program dry up!

You don't want to wait for that to happen.

This is a NEW release which means that NOBODY ELSE HAS THIS YET!

Be the first to jump on the bandwagon to ensure that you get your FREE MONEY first before everyone else takes it and runs the well dry!  You don't want to be left in the dust without a penny of grant money left to be had.

Make sure you get your share of the free grant money!  Make sure you are using the correct tools to streamline your grant writing success!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Make sure you jump on this opportunity to get FREE GOVERNMENT GRANT MONEY before all the government money is gone!

P.P.S.  Don't take the chance and have your grant application get REJECTED.  Make sure you use the Grant Writer Pro 2.0 to ensure your grant writing success the first time out!

This Software is for Windows OnlyIt is NOT Mac Compatible!


We Only Have 50 of These Grant Writer Pro 2.0 Software Programs in Stock!  It Takes Approximately 3 - 4 Weeks for Us to Get More Once We Run Out!  DON'T WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE ALL GONE!

Get the Grant Writer Pro 2.0 for Only $147!

(This is a VERY small price to pay for having access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in free grant money!)

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Grant Writer Pro 2.0 is a software designed to help you write government-perfect grant proposals.  There is a built-in grant tutorial to show you how to gain instant access into the government grant website and how to find the latest grant information.  The software then guides you through the grant-writing process.

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