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Distribution Profits 

A Rare Opportunity So Powerful, It Made One of My Students $11,380 Within Only 3 Weeks of His Discovering This Little Secret!

Now It's Your Turn!

How YOU Can Make Up to $30,000 a Month Doing This!

Just Updated!

Dear Entrepreneur,

I have something very exciting yet a bit unusual to tell you about.

Many of you know that I have another business that's quite successful packaging and distributing health supplements.  And in the past year the business has completely exploded!

And I have an offer you can't refuse to get you in on some of this profit stream so you can strike while the iron is hot!

Aggressive Cash Flow Opportunities Exposed

One of the things I was talking about in 2 trainings I conducted on-site at my office in Valencia, California with a handful of students AND did a full presentation on in my recent Vegas 3-Day Boot Camp was a highly lucrative strategy on using health supplements to get wealthy.

Several of my students have built successful websites and have started raking in the cash to the tune of anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a week in profits.  This was based on a very simple strategy of finding a market, finding and naming their own supplement, and having a private label company slap their label on it.  And away they went.

Huge cash flows!

On the flip side, I had a handful of students do a half-baked, half-assed job while making no personal committment to themselves or their own financial future.  Many had excuses such as not being able to build their own website or understanding how copywriting or marketing works.  Or how the internet works.  Or how their brain works.  Or...[INSERT ANY STUPID EXCUSE HERE].

When I started setting up my own websites just a few years ago, I didn't know what I was doing.  Word press sites such as the Web Builder that offers was really the best I could do for the tech aptitude I had.  Many of you know that I have little patience too.  This made a task of learning web building perceivably impossible for someone like me.

Yet my first websites were developed in mere hours only because I lost the fear/excuses and forced myself to bumble through the process. 

Within weeks I have several websites.

And it's not hard by any stretch of the imagine, especially with even more user friendly technology and tech support than what I even had access to only a few short years ago.

There are absolutely no excuses to being successful unless you make excuses based on your lack of motivation, fears, or simple disinterest in becoming the recipient of massive cash flows.

I Know the Economy Sucks Yet People Are Still Making Millions of Dollars...

Some of Them Are Getting Rich From Scratch!

"The economy sucks."

"We're in a depression."

"But the news says that the economy is the worst it's ever been."

"And...we all know that it's Obama's fault that the economy sucks so bad."

Or whatever your bullsh** belief system is right now.

By the way, no single president will ever magically come into office and make your life better in any way.  If you refuse to change your life for yourself and if you will not take responsibility for your own behavior/habits, why would anyone including a president give a damn about you?  YOU have to give a damn about you.  And no matter who has been in office in the entire history of the United States, people have gotten rich from scratch.  From nothing.  During every single presidential term.

So, your excuses leave the room...NOW!  (I mean it.  Now!  I'm monitoring your thoughts right now and I'm serious.  No more excuses!)

Formulate a Plan and Take Action...That's the Secret to Big Financial Success

Sitting around a room and dreaming of success "one day" will get you nowhere.  Thinking "positive thoughts" or changing "affirmations" won't do diddly-squat either.  Writing down plans of "someday" won't get you anywhere either.  Wishing, hoping, and playing the "lottery of life" waiting for your ship to come in is a worthless proposition.

Don't wait for a ship.  Become your ship!

If you have no viable plan and if you don't take any sort of action, you'll get nowhere.

Any self-made multi-millionaire or multi-billionaire will tell you that.

Think about it: did any of them get rich by "thinking" their way to a fortune without the essential component of actually "doing" something?

The answer: no, they didn't!  Not a single one of them!

One of the biggest frustrations that I've had over the past decade as a real estate and success trainer to my students is their lack of action.  Other people or "gurus" who train people probably can care less if someone buys a course or home-study system from them without ever removing the shrink-wrap.

But I actually care.

Truth be told: this is one of the biggest reasons why I no longer want to train students.  While a percentage of them will become financially free from my courses, mentorships, trainings, and seminars, the simple (and disappointing) fact of the matter is, the VAST MAJORITY of my students won't do a damn thing with the stuff they are exposed to through my organization because of laziness, lack of motivation, excuses, "someday" mentality, or whatever other mental problem they have.  (Because all lack of action is a mental block.)

And that bothers me.  A lot!

So, I'm recessing into what you would recognize as the 80/20 Principle.  This means that 80% of my business outcomes result from 20% of certain actions and activities I participate in.  Training people is awesome because there is a huge gratification when one of my students hits it out of the ballpark and makes a huge success out of his or her life.  Unfortunately, too many students are wasting my time because they don't utilize my teachings to better their life.  And that isn't part of the 80/20 Principle in my life which is why I need to focus on the 20% of my actions that give me 80% of my result: my real estate investing business and my other powerful streams of cash flow including my booming health supplement company.  And not training people anymore.

Now you know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  So help me, God!

The nice part about how I've stopped virtually all of my outside advertising for Global Success and for the training side of the business is that, over the past 2 years, I've been able to "sift down" through my current set of students to get to only those who are serious about doing something big and profitable with their lives.

And I'm doing this for a special reason.

Those of you who are left are ambitious and hungry enough to benefit from the remainder of my success teachings.  Now, I'm not saying that I'm the best at what I do but...actually, yeah!  I AM the best at what I do.  No other real estate "guru" out there is going to ever tell you about the real deal on real estate investing or how to do it starting from nothing, especially providing you with a step-by-step plan and resources you need to become successful.  Nobody out there will tell you the reality of what you have to do in order to easily and quickly grab onto aggressive income with either real estate, internet marketing, or both.  Absolutely nobody will.

It's because most people out there selling courses and systems are making money selling the courses and systems.  They're not making money with the concepts in the course or system.

And that's not how I roll.

Everything I tell my students about is exactly everything I've had gigantic successes with from my Personal Credit Building System to my New Wealth Ninja System.  Absolutely everything I teach you about is everything I've personally made tons of money doing.

This is why everything I teach is truly special, precious, and invaluable.

And this is why it's a direct insult to me when students, for one reason or another, don't use my teachings to become successful.

And this is why my teaching days are numbered.  Because some of you have outright slapped me in the face and you don't even realize it.

But all that's about to change with something that I want to bring you in on that's...pretty freakin' big!

Aggressive Income on Steroids:

The ULTIMATE Money-Making Opportunity (But It's Definitely NOT for Everyone)

Many of you are familiar with my New Wealth Ninja stuff.  You may have the course, have attended a training last summer, participated in my mentorship group, or found out all about it at my Vegas event this past October.

This new profit opportunity is a spin-off on the New Wealth Ninja stuff, just to give you the heads up on what I'm going to start telling you about.

Now, I'll warn you up front: this opportunity is definitely NOT for everyone.  In fact, you have to be "wired" a certain way in order to make big bucks doing this.  But if you ARE wired this "certain way," you stand to make millions (possibly billions) by using this system.

Many of you know a little bit about my health supplement company.  I talked about some of the products and marketing campaigns I was doing during my New Wealth Ninja trainings this past summer.  I even allowed a small handful of students actually see my direct mail pieces and gave them an insight on exactly what products I was selling.

Then things changed/shifted during this last summer, just as the summer was about to close.

The Secret to Virtually "Instant" Millions Revealed

I decided that I was done with "consumer-direct" sales.  This means that you sell directly to what they call the "end-user" or the consumer.  This type of marketing is what all mail order or catalog companies do.  It's also what people who do infomercials and print advertising do where they ask the consumer to buy from them directly.  Those days of my consumer-direct marketing campaigns were over.

I realized that I wanted to do business-to-business or wholesale sales.  This would mean that I would no longer sell to the consumer direct (using any type of marketing) and I would start selling to wholesale distributors or to retailers who would then sell to consumers.

Think about it: where would you have more leverage?  Selling your product indivually to each consumer, one-by-one?  Or selling your product to Walmart and having them sell to individual consumers for you?

I hope you chose the Walmart route because that would be the correct answer.

So, now.  All you need is a simple kick-ass product idea that is cheap to make and you'll be quickly on your way to millions of dollars.

But wait!  That's actually the hard part.

You see, you have to pick the right product and be able to get it for the right price.  Otherwise the plan can't work.

The Story of the First Mouse and the Second Mouse...And the One Who Gets the Cheese

There's a very easy secret to latching onto your million-dollar product idea: copy somebody else.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

The story of the 2 mice goes something like this: there are 2 mice.  Mouse #1 and Mouse #2.  Mouse #1 gets to the trap and, unfortunately, his head gets snapped off before he can grab, eat, or enjoy the big chunk of cheese.  Mouse #2 gets to the trap that's already been engaged, looks at dead Mouse #1 and grabs, eats, and enjoys the cheese with no physical harm, fear, or worry about eminent danger.

This story, as lame as it may seem, is extremely close to the reality of the business of product creation and distribution for an easy path to millions of dollars.

Let's take some real life analysis that you can start doing:

1)  Each time you go into a Walmart, 7-11, or any store for that matter, start scanning the shelves at all the products.  Which ones are hot sellers?  Which ones can you duplicate on the cheap?  Think low-cost, high-volume items that don't require a "name" behind them to sell (such as a perfume by Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez).

2)  Start checking out the types of things you can get from  You can get things super cheap from places like China where they will make, package in your product name, and ship the stuff to you for mere pennies.

3)  Formulate a simple plan to get these products to wholesalers who know they can move your products.  (I even have a listing of a specialized "type" of wholesalers that you can make a lot of money from!)

The key, obviously, is your product selection and how you name your product.  Packaging that you design is important too but you can hire someone to do that for a few bucks.  (Or anyone studying graphic design at any college will design your packaging for $50 or less!)

Case Study on a Highly Profitable Product Idea (That You Can "Steal" from Me if You Want!)

One of our specialties with business-to-business wholesaler selling strategies is by selling to a certain type of niche.  This niche of wholesalers sells to convenience stores across the nation in various regions of the country.

Knowing this information, most of the product ideas that I get are going to be low-end consumable products that can be sold in any 7-11 or convenience store in the United States.

Yes, it's a "small" market since I had you thinking about Walmart a minute ago but the convenience store (and even grocery store) market is a multi-billion-dollar market.

This eliminates "product-possibility-overload" for me because I simply narrow down to the products I can realistically sell in a convenience store and I get rid of the millions of confusing possibilities out there for potential products I can sell.

And this alone allows me to find profitable product ideas virtually instantly once I start brainstorming.

Recently, me and Ronnie stopped at one of those roadside fruit stands that you see a lot of in more rural areas of California.  We have a freeway/highway called the 126 that takes people from the northern part of Los Angeles County out toward Ventura and Santa Barbara.  It's an awesome stretch of highway because it takes you out of "LA" and immediately through a beautiful mountainous part of rural farmland California at the snap of a finger.  The drive even takes you back in time from now to back in the 50s or 60s.  If you've never driven the 126, put it on your bucket list for sure.

Anyway, on the 126 are a bunch of permanent roadside fruit stands owned and operated by local farmers whose families have owned the farmland out there for generations.  One such stand (and I won't name the exact one) sells this amazing beef jerky.  Now I don't eat meat including beef jerky but Ronnie does.  He tried this beef jerky after the lady behind the cash register told him that it was a secret family recipe that's over 200 years old.  After tasting this incredible beef jerky, he decided to buy 4 pounds of it and took it back to Michigan with him.

Ronnie shared the bag of beef jerky with his friends and family in the Midwest and none of them have ever tasted any beef jerky that was so incredibly awesome.

It got me thinking.  Hmmmm...beef jerky.  Best ever on the planet (according to everyone in Ronnie's "inner circle").  This passes the "convenience-store-test" and can be sold in a 7-11.

My idea is to approach these mom-and-pop fruit stand people and make a deal to buy truckloads of this beef jerky, have it packaged in my own special packaging with my product name on it (which I won't tell you yet), and sell it nationally via wholesale distributors who will, in turn, put them in convenience stores everywhere.

Ideally it would have been better if I had the recipe or if I could make the beef jerky since I'd have more control over the situation.  But I kind of doubt the fruit stand people will be giving (or even selling) me their 200-year-old recipe nor do I have a remote interest in creating a jerky smokehouse in my backyard.

Counting the Money Before It Comes In

The next step (before you commit to working with any product) is to work your numbers.  All you do is grab a piece of paper and a pencil and away you go.

The numbers have to start with the retail price point.  You do this by comparing it to competitors.  Slim Jim is a huge competitor in the beef jerky world.  Their jerky is retail priced at around $1.49, sometimes higher.  This gives you something to work with.

At this price point, your retailers will have to buy it at half this price which will be around 75 cents each.  Wholesalers will buy it from the manufacturer for around 40 to 50 cents each.  This means you will have to make (or acquire) and package your product for around 20 to 25 cents each.

Now, you're probably thinking..."I'd be making around 20 to 25 cents per unit.  WTF is that about?"

Yet when you are selling to wholesalers nationwide to the tune of 100,000 units per week (to start), that adds up to be around $25,000 per week or $100,000 per month in profits.

All for one single product.  And that's just to start.  Before long you'll be up to 500,000 units a week and more after that.

Starting to make sense to you now?

Now this is for beef jerky where the profit margins are pretty low.  What if you came up with a cigar or coffee drink or popcorn snack mix that you can have a bigger profit margin on?  Or ALL of the above?!  The sky's the limit, baby!

"But Monica...What If I Don't Want to Package or Warehouse Hundreds of Thousands of Units of a Product?"

Simple.  I'll keep making money this way...and you won't.

The big bucks for opportunities like this aren't for people who want to work 4 hours a week while playing PS3 for most of their days.

This is for PLAYERS who want to make BIG CASH doing something super simple that anyone with a half-a-brain can do it...but ONLY if they want to pull it off.  That's the criteria.  You have to want to do it!

If you want to be raking in millions or even billions for a ridiculously simple product like the 5-Hour Energy Shot, for instance, then it's time for you to do something BIG.  It's time for you to do this!

This is what I was talking about before...about being "wired" a certain way to want to do this.  You have to want to GO BIG or GO HOME!  And I can't "want" it "for" you.

This is your chance...your opportunity!

(This reminds me of Eminem, one of my favorite rappers and his lyrics in Lose Yourself: "The moment you want it, you better never let it go.  You get one shot! Do not miss your chance to blow...this opportunity comes once in a lifetime!").

One Way to Use Me to Get "Kind of" the Tune of Up to $30,000 a Month

There is one way you can cash in by using me (for a little while anyway) until you decide to make, package, and warehouse (control) your own products.

I have a product that I've already brought to market that's selling like hotcakes.

And it'll give you a MUCH HIGHER profit margin than in the beef jerky illustration above PLUS you won't have to figure out where to get the product, how to name it, how to design the packaging, having it packaged or having to warehouse truckloads of product.

Because I've done all that for you already!

Now let me give you a few disclaimers:

(1) You can make more money by developing your own products including owning your own trademarked name so distributing/selling my product will make you a maximum of $30,000 and ONLY if you follow through with the plan.  In other words, it won't make you a millionaire. 

(2)  The product has racy packaging.  No, it's not pornographic but it's racy.  If you're a hard-core religious fanatic or believe the devil will swallow you up for selling anything sexual in nature, do me a favor and spontaneously combust now by reading these words before venturing out and distributing my product.

(3)  Ronnie has the state of Michigan covered for distribution of this product.  The only exception might be northern Michigan.  Therefore, you can't distribute this product anywhere in southern Michigan.  No exceptions to this rule.  The rest of the country is wide open as of right now.  (That will change once some of you start distributing which means I'll be LIMITING this opportunity BY REGION.)

Again, I'd prefer that you find your own product because it'll make you a millionaire.  And I can't help you do that with my product.  (I'm just being honest.)  The most you'll make is up to $30,000 a month and that's only if you're willing to kick ass.

How It Works: How You're Going to Make Lots of Money in the Months to Come

You'll buy the product from us and act as a "wholesale distributor" by getting special pricing that we only give people who are high-volume wholesale distribution warehouses.  (Again, this offer is SEVERELY LIMITED!)  You resell the product to other distributors or retailers.  And I'm warning you again, this business is NOT for everyone.

What does retailer sales encompass?  It entails literally selling "door-to-door" to different gas stations, convenience stores, and "party stores" in your region or area.  By doing it this way, you stand to make an average of $200 a day for about 3 - 4 hours of sales per day.  Again, this is NOT for everyone unless you're not afraid of sales.

What does wholesale distribution warehouse sales encompass?  You call these wholesalers on the phone and set up meetings to meet with them about the product.  Or you can send them a mailer and have them call you.  (This is my preferred method.)  Either way, you'll have to do a face-to-face or phone sales presentation about the product to the buyer you're presenting to.

And I teach you how to do all this.  I even include presentation materials, marketing postcards, and a script on what to say (to retailers or wholesalers, face-to-face or over the phone).

Start Off Distributing for Us and Then Create Your Own Million-Dollar Empire

It can seem extremely overwhelming to choose a product type, choose a name that's catchy, create packaging, buy the product in bulk, package it up, then sell to retailers and wholesalers.

I'm allowing you to skip over a whole bunch of steps.

Eventually, I'd like to see you do all those steps so you can end up a multi-millionaire and, ideally, sell out for a boatload of cash to a competitor so you can retire on a private island if you want.  That's what I want to see for you.

But, to start (and only if you want), you can skip most of the steps and start selling a product to make fast cash for now then eventually develop and sell your own products.

I always recommend my students do their own thing, find their own product, name it, create their own packaging, and start a multi-million-dollar business from their garage.


You may not feel ready for this.  You may want to "learn the ropes" of the business first before venturing out and doing your own thing.  And you'll learn a lot when it comes to product distribution, highly-effective business-to-business strategies, and how to cash in big with this little-known niche of distribution.

The Future of Big Money and How You Can Claim Your Stake

The future of making huge sums of money will be in consumable products.  As much as computer technology professes to make life much easier with downloads, apps, and everything else that's "futuristically cool," reality is...product distribution will always exist.  After all, how else are you going to get these cool iPhones, computers, and other technological "stuff" if nobody invents, manufactures, or distributes the stuff?

Then there's the "boring" aspect.

We'll always need "stuff" to survive such as milk, toilet paper, food, and other basic wiz-bangs to make it through each day, week, month, and year.  No, this stuff isn't nearly as "cool" as apps and iPhones and computers that talk to us's all stuff that's even more important than all that fly-by-night crap.

And by participating in something that will never go away guarantees you huge sums of money for the rest of your life.

If could possibly think back to the beginning of commerce and what we had thousands of years ago, you'd know that there were merchants and royalty.  Not much has changed today.  There is still "royalty" in the form of the wealthy, trust fund babies, and the like.  And then there are merchants who sell stuff.

The merchants are the ones who get the richest...even richer than "royalty" because everybody needs "stuff."  (Even "royalty.")  And if you leverage yourself in such a way where you're making a small amount of money on national (and even international) product sales, you'll become super rich in a short amount of time.

The Distribution Profit System: Your Ticket to Fast Aggressive Income

As I mentioned, this is NOT for everyone.  You have to have the ability to sell in some capacity whether it's on the phone or face-to-face.  And if you're already doing that as your current career or job then this will be a piece of cake!

I've created a simple system for you to use showing you how to find, create, package, and sell your own product which is the fastest way to become a multi-millionaire in this country.  It's called the Distribution Profit System.

In the basic Distribution Profit System Course, you'll get...

  • Manual:  This will show you everything you need to know to break in and hugely profit from taking a simple product.  This will also include secrets of using large nationwide distribution "networks" where you call one company to have your product in thousands of retail locations overnight!
  • Audio Seminar:  This lengthy, information-packed audio seminar will tell you everything you need to do from the time of "brainstorming" for product ideas to naming your product to designing your packaging to the most important part: distributing your product quickly!
  • Video:  The entire process from front to back is explained in an easy-to-grasp step-by-step video that shows you everything you need to know to create and distribute your product!
  • Resource Directory:  All of the contacts and resources you need to make your business work including my personal resources overseas!

Now, for those of you who want to consider distributing our bestselling product, you can get the basic course plus the Bull Thunder box to show to prospective distributors to see if this business is up your alley or not.

There's also an option for you to get the Bull Thunder product and all the marketing materials for your distribution business.  This will include all sales materials, flyers/postcards, telemarketing scripts and a business card template you'll need for becoming a successful distributor for this product.

Why would it be essential to have the marketing materials?  It gives you the upper hand in being a bona-fide distributor of these materials.  As you know, we own the trademark to the Bull Thunder name.  In order to create any marketing materials for our product and with using our name, you would have to get direct permission from us while enjoying all of my hard work to get your business quickly on track and making you money.

Remember, this marketing kit includes telemarketing scripts that you can use for both distributors and retail buyers.  You have to speak to business-to-business contacts in a certain way and these scripts will get you in the door and making money with these valuable people immediately.

If you're good at formulating your own sales game plan then you probably don't need the marketing add-on kit.  However, if you aren't used to any type of sales and you're not afraid to try then you should get all the tools you possibly can to ensure your success in this business.  (These materials can also double as valuable templates for you to use when you get your own multi-million dollar product out there in the market.)

Start Getting Aggressive Income Right Away!

I know most of you know that I'm an entrepreneur.  I don't just do real estate.  I have several businesses and I always have.  Just like every other "serial entrepreneur" and self-made multi-millionaire, I do a lot of things to both make money AND (more importantly) keep me excited about the business world.

These days I seem to get into business ventures based on how interesting it will be since I hate being bored or fenced in on doing the same things over and over again.

Little did I know that this particular aggressive income business venture would be so incredibly profitable so quickly.

And this is what I've been talking about over and over again with my students for the past 9 months about aggressive income.

Ultimately, you'll want to make your cash, inject those piles of money into passive income real estate, and then you can retire in 36 months or less.

This is just one of the many aggressive income streams you can do to get to your retirement date much faster!

And you'll be shocked at how fast you can start generating income for your ultimate retirement.  This is the fastest way you can get from now to retirement using the quickest "viper" wealth-generating method that I know of.

Questions?  Call me ASAP at (661) 295-5050.  We're in the office from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday!

See you at the top!

Monica Main

Distribution Profit System Course

  • Manual: This will show you everything you need to know to break in and hugely profit from taking a simple product. This will also include secrets of using large nationwide distribution "networks" where you call one company to have your product in thousands of retail locations overnight!
  • Workbook:  This special workbook will guide you through the entire process of what to do when you are developing and bringing your own product to market.  You'll be brought through a specific series of "tasks" that, once you complete, you'll be on your way to a highly successful business.
  • Audio Seminar: This lengthy, information-packed audio seminar will tell you everything you need to do from the time of "brainstorming" for product ideas to naming your product to designing your packaging to the most important part: distributing your product quickly!
  • Video: The entire process from front to back is explained in an easy-to-grasp step-by-step video that shows you everything you need to know to create and distribute your product!
  • Resource Directory: All of the contacts and resources you need to make your business work including my personal resources overseas!
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